Loan Installment calculation, simulation and estimate with or without paycheck

The Italian credit institute Findomestic , also in 2019 offers its customers various financing solutions on real estate, on the purchase of new or used cars, boats, medical care, travel and much more. If you need to renovate or buy a house, or you need finance for leisure time activities, such as aesthetics and well-being, courses, school, university or ceremonies, family events, taxes and legal fees, you can ask for a financing quote for Findomestic. The credit institution finances up to a maximum of 60,000 euros, depending on the type of demand and the guarantees given by the various applicants. In many cases Findomestic manages to cover the entire sum of the project and the minimum amount of financing is 1000 euros. The minimum requirements for applying for funding are between the ages of 18 and 75, having a demonstrable income, being a current account holder and finally being resident in Italy. In the next paragraphs we will see how to calculate, in just a few steps, the installment for Findomestic 2019 loans, the simulation of a quote with paychecks, and how to get a quote for a Findomestic 2019 loan, without having to present your paycheck.

Calculation of installment for the Findomestic 2019 Personal Loans


Here the portal prepares a system by which to calculate the funding payment is really simple. Just enter the project you want to create. The choice is between: cars, new and used campers, motorcycles, land, buildings, villas and so on. Then you have to enter the amount you need to carry out your project. Then you have to read the information booklet and check the box indicating that the reading has been confirmed. Clicking on ‘ calculate the loan ‘ will open a new screen with many financing options at different interest rates. At this point, simply choose the one that best suits your needs.

Then it will be time to enter your data and documents such as ID card, your Iban, mobile phone number, social security number and the various guarantees required to receive the loan. Finally, thanks to the electronic signature you can accept the contact with the credit institution and consent to the processing of personal data. In some periods of the year, Findomestic proposes really convenient personal loans, such as Green Rata, active until January 7, 2019 . This loan has been designed for small and large companies that promote renewable energy and energy savings. With this loan Findomestic gives the company 14,000 euros, to be paid in 96 monthly installments of 185.60 euros. The Taeg is fixed at 6.41% and the Tan fixed at 6.23%. With this offer the applicant will have a saving of about 1,700 euros compared to the financing without promotion and will pay a total of 17,817.60 euros , including interest rates.

Findomestic 2019 Personal Loans: Quote Simulation


By entering the Findomestic website you can easily calculate a financing quote . Let’s take an example for a loan regarding the purchase of a garage / parking space . We insert our project on the portal and ask for a loan of 5000 euros, for example. Once we have provided all the required guarantees, Findomestic will be willing to grant us the amount indicated. The loan must be paid in 108 monthly installments of 65 euros each. The Tan will be fixed at 7.96% and the Taeg fixed at 8.26%. This is only a first option proposed by the credit institution. The site compares different solutions which vary the amount of the installments, the duration of the compensation and the interest rates.

The 20199 Findomesic personal loans also cover other projects such as cars. Let’s take an example of an estimate for a loan on a new car . We insert our project (in this case the car) and the requested amount (for example 5000 euros ). At this point Findomestic will propose different solutions such as 95 months , in which having to pay an amount equal to 70.60 euros per installment. In this case the Tan will be fixed at 7.96% and the Taeg fixed at 8.26%. On the Findomestic website there is the possibility to save on your pc the estimate or to compare it with the others proposed by the bank. You can also choose whether to include insurance or not in the estimate. In this case, for the last example of the above estimate, the period will be extended to 96 months instead of 95. The installments will be 75.30 euros with Tan always fixed at 7.96% and Taeg fixed at 8.26%. In case you want to buy such a ‘uto used and you required a loan of EUR 3000, the search engine will also propose Findomestic here several solutions. The most economical and convenient is that of 72 months, with installments of 52.60 euros. In this case the Tan is fixed at 8% and the Taeg is fixed at 8.30%. In case you had the intention to buy a boat and need a loan of 4000 euros , the most convenient solution is that for 84 months. In this case the monthly installments would amount to € 62.30 one, with fixed Tan to 7.97% and Taeg always fixed at 8.27%. Let’s now give an example of a financing estimate regarding the purchase of household appliances , perhaps for your new home. By asking for an estimate of 7000 euros , you will pay 84 installments of 109 euros each. The Tan will be fixed at 7.97% and the Taeg fixed at 8.26%.

The Findomestic 2019 loans also concern the small real estate , including a mini-apartment, a first house or a second home. The provision of the personal loan of Findomestic is made by a transfer to the bank account , while the reimbursement will be made with a direct debit to the personal current account. One of the guarantees required by the credit institution, for the purpose of granting the loan, is that a pay slip is presented. The latter serves to Findomestic as a ‘proof’ of the fact that the applicant has an income economy and is able, in this way to have a liquidity suitable to pay off his debt .

Findomestic 2019 payday loans: online estimate

Findomestic 2019 payday loans: online estimate


As we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the guarantees required by Findomestic is to prove that we have an adequate income to pay off the debt. This is not possible if the applicant is an unemployed person or a housewife . The minimum requirements are very important as the financial institution intends to reduce any risk of debt default. Findomestic, however, for personal loans 2019 has prepared alternative guarantees to paychecks , which can serve the unemployed and housewives to apply for the loan they need. Compared to classic funding, this second type without payroll is designed for significantly lower amounts, and has much higher interest rates. For example, with regard to housewives, the maximum amount that can be requested amounts to 30,000 euros , instead of 60,000 of the standard loan. These must be paid at an average interest rate of 9% . The greater the number of months in which the applicant intends to settle his debt, the greater the interest rate applied to the entire loan.

One of the alternative guarantees to the paycheck is the signature of a guarantor . The latter will be used in case of debt default by the applicant. The guarantor must be a relative or alternatively a friend who receives a fixed income every month and who in case of insolvency is ready to pay the debt instead of the applicant. Another alternative guarantee to paycheck is to mortgage a house . This is also excellent for the loans offered by Findomestic for the unemployed . As you can imagine, the mortgage of the house is a fairly risky guarantee to which the applicant meets. So before accessing a Findomestic loan by providing this type of guarantee, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the effective possibility of skipping any loan installment. In this regard it is always good to make a free online estimate, as explained in the previous paragraph. For example, if we want a budget for a payday loan, for a used bike, just indicate our project on the Findomestic online platform. Take for example an amount equal to 1000 euros. The most convenient solution offered by the company is 48 months , and consists of installments of € 50.20, with a fixed rate of 9.87% and a fixed rate of 9.45%. Another example of an estimate without a paycheck guarantee, for a Findomestic loan, we can do it on the purchase of land . Let’s quote the maximum amount of budget, or € 30000 . In this case the most convenient solution offered to us by the financial company will be that of 96 months, with installments of € 426.80, fixed Taeg at 8.48% and fixed tan at 8.17%. Alternatively, the customer can choose the loan to be paid in 108 months with installments of 393.25 euros, with fixed Taeg at 8.48% and fixed tan at 8.17%. Finally, let’s take the example of an estimate without a paycheck guarantee, for a loan on the purchase of PCs, electronics , photos and telephony. For example, insert a figure of 10,000 euros. Findomestic also offers us different solutions in this case. Among these the cheapest one is from 84 monthly installments of 149.70 euros each one. In this case the Taeg will be fixed at 6.96% while the Tan also fixed at 6.74%.