Mini-loans online without a payroll

Online mini-loans without payroll are a solution that is very useful in case of unexpected situations or when an advance is urgently needed. For this reason and due to the multitude of advantages and facilities it offers, more and more people are requesting this type of financing.

Online mini-loans without payroll

Online mini-loans without payroll

Obtaining an online mini-credit offers great advantages and is accessible to anyone who is of legal age and holds a bank account.

Requesting a mini-credit online can be very quick and easy and, in addition, the fact that it is not necessary to have a payroll allows those people without fixed work or who are unemployed can cope in a timely manner to unexpected situations.

What are your main advantages of online mini-loans without payroll?

What are your main advantages of online mini-loans without payroll?

  • Speed It is only necessary to fill out a form through the Internet and it takes a few minutes to request the money. The response to the request is equally fast, in 15 minutes the amount requested will be available.
  • The comfort Gone are the times when it was necessary to leave the house, wait for long lines and face endless paperwork for weeks to request a loan from the bank. Now, you only need an Internet connection and you can request a loan from anywhere via a mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • The ease . Applying for an online credit is very easy. You just have to follow a couple of steps, fill in some personal information and you will get an immediate response.
  • The clarity When we request a mini-credit through the Internet, we find clear and transparent information   about the amounts that we can choose, the necessary conditions to request it, what is the term of return and what the interests.

In short, you can receive the money you need in a couple of clicks, in a few minutes, from home and without any kind of complication.

These are the four main characteristics that make the number of people who decide to apply for online mini-loans without payroll grow steadily.

In addition, when you add the advantage that a payroll is not necessary, a small loan of these characteristics can be the ideal solution to the specific problem.

In a very simple way, the necessary money is received in a few minutes in the bank account indicated in the application. More practical and comfortable, impossible.

For this reason, electronic payment transactions have gained so much ground today, due to the important advantages and facilities they offer to users.

What are mini-loans for without payroll?

What are mini-loans for without payroll?

Minicréditos without payroll are mainly destined to people who do not have a fixed job, who work with contracts for work and service or who are unemployed.

The need to pay some bills or other pending payments can make the option of this loan ideal. It is a resource within the reach of anyone, who without need of third-party guarantee or payroll can provide the urgent help that is needed to deal with a problem.

For young people it is also a mechanism to get a small amount of money at the right time and independently, without having to make the annoying request to family or friends.

This possibility has meant a great advance in this type of transactions, since it allows the possibility of obtaining the amount of money that is needed without the need to justify an income to be granted.

On the contrary, banks are too demanding when granting credit to an applicant. In these cases, it is essential to prove solvency and uninterrupted monthly income, as well as probably the entity will want to know what the money is intended for.

All these conditions and complications that entails the request of a loan in a bank in a classic way, are the reason why there has been such a remarkable development in the loans through Internet, in particular the minicréditos without payroll.

What requirements must be met to apply for mini-loans without payroll?

What requirements must be met to apply for mini-loans without payroll?

Bonsai Finance loans are very flexible and require very few conditions to grant you the amount you need.

You only need to be of legal age and have a bank account as a holder. It is not necessary to explain what the money is going to be spent for or do any paperwork.

Only by filling in an application with the basic personal data such as the account number and a contact telephone number and, in exceptional cases, sending a copy on both sides of the DNI, the procedure can be carried out.

The repayment conditions are equally comfortable and without surprises. Transparency and simplicity are the fundamental keys to the success of the financing offered by Bonsai Finance.

Indications to know that it is a secure website

Indications to know that it is a secure website

It is of the utmost importance that the web portal of loans in which we perform the transaction be of total confidence and security.

In this sense, it must be verified that in the upper part of the browser, the web address starts with “https” and not “http”: the letter “s” guarantees that the web portal has an adequate security system.

When a loan is requested, even if it is a small amount of money, it is very important that the company we address applies the necessary security criteria that prevent possible theft of information.

For this reason, financial microcredit management entities must take precautions to guarantee their clients maximum confidentiality and security in their transactions.

When the data transfer security system is activated, the information indicated will be encrypted to ensure privacy. The client, then, can perform with ease any operation and have the guarantee that their data is protected.

Quick mini-loans

Quick mini-loans


Quick mini-loans can be necessary both for entrepreneurs and individuals at any time and for various reasons.

The urgency of an unexpected expense or the possibility of expanding a certain investment in a business to generate better income prospects are the most common causes of credit applications.

It is a solution that can help you get out of trouble in a very agile way.

Quick mini-loans of an amount adjusted to the specific need are the best option that can be chosen in many situations.

At this time of the year, it is often necessary to have a bit more budget to enjoy the holidays or to make some improvement in the vehicle and ensure greater safety in travel. In these cases, requesting a mini-credit is a very attractive option with no problems.

In the case of those people who have children, this type of financing is used frequently to meet the expenses of the beginning of the school year. Textbooks, tuition and expenses in didactic material, suppose an extra outlay that must be made after the summer holidays, that is, at a time when these payments do not usually come well.

In these situations, the possibility of obtaining the necessary money at the time it is needed can be an important help. Since there are several alternatives between which you can select what you want at the time of making the request, the key is to adjust to the amount that is necessary so that the subsequent return is not an inconvenience.




The accessibility of the minicréditos without payroll make them the star choice to quickly get a small amount of money that is needed to cope with an unexpected economic.

To deal with specific cases, it is an ideal option and that is why there are so many users that use this type of financing.

You can easily check the security of the website to perform the operations with the total peace of mind generated by knowing that the data is protected.

Since some payment obligations increase if they are not made in a specific period of time, these loans can help to avoid further disbursements.

In this situation, the interests of small loans are an expense that compensates, but it is always advisable to make an adequate calculation of the fees that must be paid.

Obviously, it is important to be responsible at the time a loan is requested. Although there is a lot of flexibility and facilities, it is not advisable to allow the deadline to return, as this is an option to get a solution and not another problem.

It is advisable, therefore,   adapt the loan to the specific personal needs and choose the amount in an appropriate way. Also, it is necessary to adjust the period of time for the return that is more convenient.

In this way, you can enjoy all the advantages of obtaining a mini-credit in a simple, safe, fast and from the comfort of home.

At Bonsai Finance we guarantee each of the advantages and maximum security for all our customers.