Rapid Mini-Loans: The Solution for Your Unforeseen Expenses


Financing products such as quick mini-loans are ideal to face unforeseen expenses that can occur at any time of your life. Certainly, in the face of certain unforeseen events we can find ourselves without the necessary funding, therefore, knowing the quick mini-loans can be of great help.

What are fast mini-loans?

What are fast mini-loans?

Quick mini-loans are a financial product whose purpose is based on the request of a limited amount of money that has been returned in a short period of time. In this way, this type of financing is presented as the ideal in cases of urgency.

However, so you can better understand how these products work, explain their main characteristics.

Fast and simple request

Once you opt for any of the online credit companies , you will only have to go to their website and fill out the form to formalize the request for the money. For this, you must indicate the amount you need and the term in which you will return the money. All this, within the limits established by the entity.

A few hours after submitting your request, you will receive an affirmative or negative response. If you are granted financing, after a few hours you will have the money in your bank account.

The return period is short

Normally, this is usually two weeks, one month or forty-five days. Everything will depend on the company you choose. In any case, the ideal is to ask yourself if in a little over a month you could return the money you are going to request to be sure that the terms they offer are adapted to your needs.

Lax requirements

Third, we must mention that to apply for this type of financial products you will not have to meet too many requirements. Certainly, it will be enough to prove that you have a regular income and that you are of legal age, holder of a bank account, holder of an active telephone line and resident in Spain.

In any case, the ideal is that you always consult the specific requirements that each company imposes.

High interest

Finally, we must not forget to mention that the interests of these products are quite high. This is a factor that you should assess and consult before asking for any quick mini-credit. However, at all times you will know how much you are going to ask for and how much you will have to pay back, since on the webpage you will have a simulation in real time.

What are the most common unforeseen expenses that are solved with fast mini-loans?

What are the most common unforeseen expenses that are solved with fast mini-loans?

As we have mentioned before, the leitmotiv of these minicréditos is to offer liquidity quickly and easily to those who are in an economic bind and can not cope with an unforeseen event.

Now that we have presented this product and we have explained how it works, we will list the most common economic contingencies that Spaniards have had throughout 2018.

1. Breakdowns in the vehicle

In many regions of Spain have a vehicle is essential to travel. Although public transport is a good option, in many cases the combinations make citizens lose hours and hours.

Therefore, when the car or motorcycle breaks down, its arrangement becomes a priority. The more if this is the means in which you move to your job. Well, when you have a breakdown in your vehicle and do not have the necessary liquidity to cope, a quick mini-credit can be the right solution for you.

2. Fix the fridge

The second most common economic unforeseen that the Spaniards have faced last year has been the failure of their refrigerator. Certainly, this appliance is indispensable in any home. If you do not have a refrigerator, how can you keep the food in good condition?

Well, either because the arrangement of this appliance supposes a quantity that you do not have or because it has been definitively broken, the quick mini credit can help you get out of the way quickly and without getting too dizzy.

3. Change the wheels of the bicycle

In our country it seems that the bicycle is taking more and more importance as a means of transport in the city. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the most common unexpected expenses is to change the wheels of the bicycle.

It is very important that the cyclists have the wheels in good condition. Otherwise, they would be more likely to pick up during their journey or slip on the road, which could cause serious damage to the cyclist and to pedestrians and vehicles. Therefore, it is understood that this expense is not accessory but necessary.

In case you do not have the necessary money at the time you need to change the wheels of your bike, do not risk having an accident and ask for a quick mini-credit.

4. Back to school

The return to school is a classic in unforeseen disbursements. Although, certainly, we all know when the return to school occurs. It is after the summer when we do accounts and see what we have spent on vacation, and then realize that we are a bit short to deal with this disbursement.

On the other hand, the school material is becoming more expensive and the didactic activities increasingly require more variety. In this way, given the lack of liquidity for the return to school, the mini-credit can be a good option to get out of the way.

5. Water leakage in the home

A water leak is a very serious problem that could cause great damage to your home and what it contains. Therefore, fixing this type of breakdowns as soon as possible is essential.

Well, last year this was one of the main reasons why we used the online financing of quick micro-credits.

6. Put new windows

The fact of putting new windows was one of the most common reasons for which fast microcredits were requested. This makes sense, since the fact of having windows that do not insulate well enough can suppose a greater energy expenditure.

Therefore, if you need some liquidity to face the payment of this element of the home, the quick mini-credit can be very useful. Hence, statistics place this as the sixth most common reason to request this product.

7. Buy new chairs or repair them

The reality is that the seventh most common reason for requesting quick mini-loans is something random. Buying new chairs or repairing the ones they have is an imperative need, since it is in these furniture that we eat and sit at family gatherings.

8. Fix air conditioning or heating

Depending on the region of Spain where you are, you may not conceive the summer without air conditioning or the winter without heating. HVAC systems are essential nowadays and, depending on the failure they have, the arrangement can suppose a high outlay.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the eighth reason why fast mini-loans have been requested in Spain. Certainly, this would be a strong reason to resort to some type of quick and easy financing.

9. Repair the TV

Nowadays almost nobody conceives life without having a television at home. Therefore, it is not surprising that its repair is another of the unforeseen expenses that have led users to request mini-loans.

In many occasions, you do not consider repairing your television, but you throw yourself to buy a new one when, perhaps, its repair could help you to save. On the one hand, you would not have to ask for such a high amount to buy another and, on the other hand, the commissions to be returned would be smaller.

This way, if your TV breaks down, do not give it up for lost and find out how much your repair costs.

10. Expenses on pets

Pets are increasingly integrated into Spanish families. Although the winners are still dogs, practically in each house there is an animal that has become a member of the family. Whether it’s a dog, a cat, a guinea pig, a hamster, fish or a turtle, they all become a privileged place in our hearts.

For this reason, treating them properly and proffering them all the necessary care becomes a priority for many Spaniards. Operations, vaccines, spending on medicines and food can mean a high outlay. Above all, if your pet is sick and requires an operation, the quick mini-credit can be an appropriate solution for you to get it to recover properly.

Now that you know in which cases the quick mini-loans can get you out of trouble, we can not help but remind you of the importance of comparing between different online credit companies . If you find the comparison complex, do not hesitate to use a reliable comparator with guarantees like ours, Astro Finance.