5 @ 5: PPP loans remain unforgivable | EPA extends approval of dicamba

PPP loans were supposed to be canceled. So far this has not happened

Small businesses across the country have taken advantage of the paycheck protection program to keep themselves afloat throughout the pandemic. But new reports that the pardon application process is intentionally confusing and protracted have made many entrepreneurs reluctant to spend the money they once assumed was essentially a grant. Vox has the details.

Following ban, EPA approves dicamba for additional 5 years

Although an appeals court revoked the Environmental Protection Agency’s approval of dicamba in July, the EPA announced this week that it would approve new formulations of the herbicide with additives that reduce drift. Stakeholder groups, including the National Cotton Council, likely lobbied for approval of the new formulation of dicamba so as not to render their dicamba-resistant seeds useless. Get the inside scoop at Modern Famer

U.S. consumers brace for second wave of storage

A majority of U.S. shoppers are poised to replenish their COVID-19 food supply, with the coming winter season and increasing COVID-19 cases cited as the main drivers of this second wave of storage behavior. Consumers say they plan to buy more frozen dinners, pasta and snacks this time around. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are obviously also at the top of the list. Head toward Supermarket news for more.

Smucker sells Crisco to owner of Green Giant for $ 550 million

JM Smucker Co. sells its Crisco brand to B&G Foods Inc. as part of its effort to exit the bakery category and focus on pet food, snacks and coffee. The transaction is expected to close in the company’s third quarter. Read about the move at Akron Beacon Journal

Could the food system face a new wave of COVID-19?

Food processing plants are on high alert for peak COVID-19 cases among employees; depending on the severity of these epidemics, the national and global food supply chain could be shaken even harder than it was at the start of the pandemic. However, testing was not readily available and encouraged; some institutions even charged employees up to $ 100 per test. The fern explains why cooler weather could have an accelerating effect on the spread of the virus.

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