5 Current Female Superstars Who Haven’t Appeared On WWE Programming In Over 30 Days

WWE’s female superstars continue to thrive during this new era. However, you are not alone if you feel the company is missing a few key players who are all an integral part of the women’s roster.

Whether it’s due to injury, creative differences, tragic events or simply the simple need for a vacation; sometimes a break from the struggle is a necessity. It doesn’t take long for fans to feel the missing presence of a beloved superstar.

Here are 5 current female superstars who haven’t appeared on WWE programming in over 30 days.

#5. The man, Becky Lynch

As seen on TV, The Man’s final WWE appearance ended in a physical altercation with Damage CTRL. Alas, Becky Lynch was the loser of the numbers game.

Moments before the attack, Lynch revealed that she suffered a sideline injury during her SummerSlam bout with Bianca Belair. She was later written off television.

It was reported via Fightful that the shoulder injury she suffered could keep her out of action for an undisclosed lengthy period of time. Unfortunately, for all of us, there is still no timetable for his return.

#4. The Queen, Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair last appeared at this year’s Backlash event where she dropped the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Ronda Rousey in an I Quit match.

Although she was written off as an “injury” she sustained during the fight, the Queen appears to be doing just fine. Simply put, that means no legitimate injuries have been reported in Charlotte at this time. Since his temporary departure, Flair has been enjoying his honeymoon/vacation with AEW’s Andrade El Idolo.

It is to be expected that Charlotte will return, she will receive huge ‘welcome’ chants from the fans, given that she is a major figure in the division.

#3. and #2. Naomi and Sasha Banks, Former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

After fashion shows, red carpet events, inspirational tweets and a slew of details; the ongoing saga of WWE and Team Boss ‘n’ Glow continues.

If you don’t know, Sasha Banks and Naomi reportedly walked away from WWE due to creative differences. This happened in May and at this time the duo has not yet returned.

While rumors are still swirling online regarding their return, neither Banks nor Naomi have confirmed an official return date at this time. However, since WWE is under new management, there’s a good chance they’ll be back in the coming months.

#1. The Untouchable, Carmella

The former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion was recently involved in an alliance with Sonya Deville and her recurring partner, Zelina Vega. Their primary target was none other than current WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Carmella next faced Belair on the July 18 edition of Monday Night Raw.

It was reported that she suffered an injury and would therefore be out of action for the foreseeable future. Things went from bad to worse when Carmella revealed via Instagram that she had had an ectopic pregnancy as well as a miscarriage in September.

After revealing the tragic news, Carmella assured her fans that she would eventually recover. His additional message being that if you’re in this kind of situation, it’s never fair to blame yourself:

I’m not looking for sympathy, I know I’ll eventually get over this mentally, physically and emotionally. For anyone going through ANY type of pregnancy loss, I want you to know that your feelings and emotions are valid, that there is NOTHING wrong with you, and that you are not alone.

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