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Nevertheless, it is its unique aroma and flavor that has earned it the alien cookie strain an almost legendary status among cannabis connoisseurs around the world. Along with its natural, earthy and woody flavor, it has rich, rich coffee notes. Above all, Alien cookies are known for the unmistakable appeal of mint, which is even more noticeable in the flavor.

If you’re not sure which cannabis/marijuana seeds to order, this checklist should help:

  • Feminized. Emerged to replace regulars, which gave female plants with an average probability of 50%.
  • Photoperiodic. Varieties begin to flower after a reduction in daylight hours. When growing indoors, flowering begins when daylight hours are reduced to 12 hours.
  • Automatic flowering. The start of flowering does not depend on the length of the light day, so they can spend the entire life cycle in 18/6 or 20/4 mode.
  • indica. Vigorous, bushy plant with spreading roots. Grown in harsh, rocky regions of Asia, it tolerates dry air and low temperatures well.
  • Sativa. Tall plant with well-developed side shoots. Grew in tropical latitudes, therefore loves heat and high humidity.

In turn, the Alien cookies strain provides a creative boost, but it definitely leans more towards the relaxation department. So take it easy, because too much will probably have you sleeping on the couch, wondering why you’re missing half an episode of “The Office” every time you blink.

Alien Cookie Strain Effects

Beginning with a slight tingling sensation that spreads throughout your body and limbs, leading to a state of calm and relaxation. This is followed by a cerebral buzz which calms the mind and welcomes the mind’s joyful and creative thoughts. The alien cookie strain is said to provide an uplifting euphoria and tranquility that helps relieve depression. anxiety and fatigue.

Features of the Alien Cookies Strain

The majority of the Alien Cookies strain is 0.75-1.2m tall, as is typical of hybrid genetics. During the process of seed production, breeders noted its open, branched structure resembling the classic form of spruce – a sturdy central stem, a large cola-top and numerous identical side branches, completely covered with inflorescences fragrant and resinous.

The serrated and elongated leaves have taken on a spectacular light green color, and the flowers have become large and very dense. All the plants looked the same, which is why commercial growers were so fond of Alien cookies – the end result of their work was easily predictable. The flowers were light mint and yellow in color, appearing almost white in the distance due to the huge concentration of trichomes.


The weed has a terrific smell reminiscent of ripe fruits and berries. Buy weed at WestCoastSupply, because consuming Alien cookies guarantees a surge of vivacity and adrenaline, tones and excites the body. A person begins to think actively and quite unusually. The brainstorming lasts about two hours, after which there is a gradual drop in energy, and at the end comes satisfaction with oneself and with life in general.

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