Apple releases public beta of new computer operating system, day after new iPhone update

Apple released the public beta of its new version of Mac OS, Monterey, allowing people to get its new features earlier.

As with all public beta versions of Apple, it comes with a warning that this is an early release of the software and may contain bugs or may not work properly with other software. . Anyone who downloads it is advised to back up their computer in the event of a major problem.

But in exchange for this risk, users have access to all the new features brought by the update. This includes a redesign of Safari and the introduction of new automation tools on Mac.

It also brings features that are also part of iOS, such as new features for Facetime that allow people to watch videos together. Apps that have received significant upgrades on iOS, such as Maps and Notes, also receive corresponding updates on Mac.

Not all new features are present in the update. During its introduction, Apple showcased one of its most beloved new tools, known as Universal Control, which allows people to drag and drop between their iPad and Mac, for example.

Some features are also limited to computers with Apple’s M1 chip, which has been rolled out in newer versions of the MacBook, Mac Mini, and iMac. A feature called Live Text, for example – which means any text in images is scanned and then available for research – can only be used on computers with these newer processors.

However, users have access to AirPlay on Mac which has been requested for a long time but never came to Mac. This allows users to send content from their iPhone or iPad to their computer, just like they would with their TV.

Apple has already rolled out the public beta of iOS 15. It comes with the same warnings that the software might not be ready, might include bugs, and shouldn’t be installed on critical devices.

The public beta of macOS is installed in much the same way as iOS 15. Users can head to Apple’s dedicated beta page, register and the update should install as usual.

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