Are you looking for aliens? We should focus on supercomputers first, says scientist

Scientists have yet to discover life on other planets, although a researcher from the University of Oxford says that if we are to locate aliens, we must look for theoretical structures the size of a star. called Dyson spheres. “What Freeman Dyson did in his article on the Dyson sphere is, of course, to point out that in fact we might want to look for industrial activities that are not meant to communicate,” said Anders Sandberg of the Future of Humanity. Institute of Oxford in an interview with Vice.

The idea of ​​the Dyson sphere is to create a structure so large that it engulfs a star so that it can absorb large amounts of energy from it. The structure would not normally be visible in nature and would be extremely visible. And this idea was considered crazy decades ago because it was so extreme.

In recent decades, scientific thinking on the subject has shifted from overly negative to optimistic. The Kepler Space Telescope discovered in 2014 that there are likely many Earth-sized planets orbiting other stars.

If humanity is any indication, any advanced society or civilization would require large amounts of energy, and this is where the star-sized supercomputer of the Dyson Sphere will come into play. energy is just one of the uses that advanced alien life can use Dyson Sphere for. It can be used as a living space and more.

This research uses the idea that a Dyson sphere is heated by its star, causing it to shine brightly with infrared radiation. A structure that envelops a star would be observable to our eyes at great distances, just as a star is perceptible to our eyes at great distances due to its superabundance of luminosity.

Although humanity is far from reaching the level of sophistication to be able to create a Dyson sphere; if it came true, it would produce 400 septillion watts of energy per second. This amount of energy would be more than 1,000 billion times greater than what humanity uses in a year.

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