Audacy and BetMGM extend their partnership with new programming

The BetQL Network will expand its programming with two new shows presented by Audacy and BetMGM with the aim of catching up with sports bettors on the latest developments in the industry.

Know your bets with Audacy and BetMGM

Daring and BetMGM continue to strengthen their partnership with a new weekday programming that will be launched on the BetQL network. From June 21, the network will present “Daily advice”, Which will be hosted by Michael jenkins and Chelsa messinger, and “BetMGM tonight, ”Which will be presented by Quinton Mayo and Ryan horvat.

Audacy, president of sports Mike Dee, was pleased with the new partnership and said it was a planned extension of the BetQL network.

“Our partnership with BetMGM – who co-develops these shows alongside our sports programming team led by Matt Volk allows us to create this new content that will entertain and educate our audience about daily sports betting activities. “ Dee said.

The BetQL network does not hide its ambitions to be a legitimate source of information and added value for the sports betting community. Similar enthusiasm was shared by BetMGM CRO Matt Provost, who said the team looks forward to offering their in-depth information, bringing in skilled traders and betting experts who can give listeners all they need to know about upcoming contests and exclusively on Audacy.

Connect to “Daily advice” to start your betting day

The Daily Tip will be a morning show designed to help punters get started, and everyone will learn all they need to know about the hottest trends in various markets, dating, and more. Jenkins and Messinger will entertain a bunch of insiders and pundits, influencers and even sportsbooks who will hook up and give their money away on the daily action to come.

Both hosts are experienced and have held various positions in betting and gambling journalism. Jenkins participated in the launch of “The daily line” at NBC Sports regional networks and NBC Sports Radio.

Messinger has been heavily invested in the sports gaming space, and she was a three-year analyst at “Choices and Parlays“and”Sports betting review. “Her understanding of all sports makes her a perfect hostess to join the show.

Have another listen with BetMGM tonight

The second show will target sports bettors who prefer to listen in the evening. Mayo and Horvat will ensure that the hours between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. are filled with practical advice that has to do with everything sports betting.

The duo will have plenty of strangers and talk about everything from moneylines to futures, daily fantasy sports, in-game prop betting, and more. The show will be produced with help from BetMGM Sportsbooks nationwide, and Mayo’s expertise will be invaluable to the satisfaction of sports fans and gamblers alike.

With a unique outlook and proven track record, analysts spanning both shows will meet and exceed punters’ expectations.

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