Beginner’s Guide – 4 Simple Cooking Tricks Even Beginners Should Know

Cooking can seem like a daunting task for beginners, especially when you hear things like one wrong ingredient or wrong measurement that can ruin the whole meal. But the truth is, cooking is one of the most enjoyable and easiest hobbies to learn.

Moreover, even as a beginner, you can experiment with your favorite ingredients and come up with lots of recipes and cooking tips to prepare a delicious meal every day. Given the wiggle room, it’s clearly not difficult to learn to cook at all!

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the fancy ingredients or kitchen utensils your mom bought you, refer to these tips, and all your fears will evaporate in no time.

Spoon peeling

If you’re making something as simple as a fruit salad, you’ll still need to peel some fruit. As a beginner, knives may seem intimidating, but somehow you have to finish peeling them. Fortunately, there is a way out for you. You will need fruit, for example, a Kiwi, and a spoon. Cut the kiwi in between and scoop it out using your spoon – it’s easy! You can also use this technique to remove other soft fruits. You can even use it to scrape off fine peelings. Try this over ginger.

Quick Boil Potatoes

Boiled potatoes are several comfort foods. There is a lot of celebrity recipes which include the use of boiled potatoes. But it can be inconvenient to boil potatoes for hours, then peel the hot skin that burns your skin, and only then can you use them in a dish.

The easiest way is to start by peeling the potatoes. Cut them into small pieces and boil them. It will take less time and you will be serving in no time. You can mash them or use them in any of your favorite salads. It is entirely up to you.

Separating the egg shell from raw eggs

Making eggs sounds easy, but how do you separate those annoying little bits of eggshell floating around in the whites? Prepare yourselves; you are about to find the best egg shell hack never this will make preparation time easier. Simply use the larger piece of eggshell to remove the remaining shell pieces. No need for spoons or panic. Your work is done through a simple shell. Now you can use your eggs as you see fit.

Freeze coffee blocks

Most of the time, you want a standard Starbucks iced coffee. But who has time to beat coffee until it’s as frothy as possible? Frankly, no one has enough energy to whip coffee for half an hour. If they had, they wouldn’t want coffee in the first place!

What you can do is, on your day off, mix coffee with hot water. Put it in the ice cube tray and freeze it. Whenever you want iced coffee, pour yourself a tall glass of milk, put in a cube of iced coffee and BAM! Your iced coffee is ready.

In conclusion, you can definitely save a lot of time in the kitchen if you know these life-saving kitchen hacks. Of course, you will have to practice more and learn new dishes, but for a beginner, you can survive on a small number of recipes using these hacks.

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