Billy Corgan is skeptical that ’50 weeks a year’ programming is the future

During the recent Podcast under the ringBilly Corgan spoke about the future of professional wrestling.

The NWA owner discussed the old-school mentality of how pro wrestling has been viewed over the years. He thinks an upcoming shift in the industry could be something similar to the hit show Yellowstonewhere fans will gorge themselves on a season.

“When it comes to the long term, there are two equations to this,” he said. “On the one hand, there’s the classic modality, and I was there when I was in TNA, I call it ’50 weeks a year’. Because most wrestling companies, when they get to the around Christmas, tend to shut down a bit, although they’re still producing content, so let’s call it a “50-week-a-year model,” where you put in every week.

“Impact does it, we do it, obviously WWE and AEW do it, I can’t speak for everyone in the market. But we are all here. I’m not totally convinced that the future of pro wrestling will be a 50 week a year model. It could be everyday, it could be more like how people look Yellowstone.

“They are going to want to watch a flurry season. I can see where you would drop a season of wrestling on the audience, and they’ll watch six hours of wrestling straight to get to the finish, and then they’ll have to wait a few weeks to get to the PPV. So I think these things have to be looked at with an open mind.

The rock and roll star went deep into how people view pro wrestling now. Billy Corgan pointed out that people are busy these days. That’s why he thinks things could go digital.

“I cannot speak for everyone, I am 55 years old. So I grew up in another era of television where we only had four channels. The fight, of course, was on UHF channels. We all get into that rhythm, I definitely see it around me,” he said. “Once you get used to watching things on demand, it’s pretty hard to go back. I know that we are always in this modality Monday night raw.

“But the thing is, for most of us, especially if you have kids, or a busy job, or two businesses. A lot of people have two jobs, that hour that you have between something, something, something, that’s where you’re going to consume. So I’m really thinking about a digital future and I don’t want to dwell on that. But keep in mind that the fight of the future will be very different from what we are used to.

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