Bring Coding Convenience with BenQ Eye-Care Monitor GW2485TC/GW2785TC, One Programmer at a Time

The image of an office worker hunched over his desk and staring at his computer screen is something many can relate to, and while the nature of the job may remain, there are steps we can take. to significantly improve conditions. In most cases, office work involves looking at a lot of screens, which can cause discomfort, so we can choose to enhance our space with comfortable chairs, standing desks and screens. bigger and sharper.

Our eyes, in particular, are the most stressed because we use them all the time and we cannot lose sight of future risks and not take care of them. Our eyes can feel tired or dry after prolonged use, and that’s not great for health and productivity, especially if you’re dealing with large chunks of text.

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Programmers, data scientists, and analysts make up a big chunk of this group, and here’s where Ben Q presents an elegant solution. One of the coding-specific features included in the GW2485TC / GW2785TC Eye-Care monitors is the encoding mode, which boosts the contrast and saturation of the dark mode. Combined with eye care technology and ergonomic design, these displays take into account different usage scenarios and help support display owners with the tools to take care of themselves.

This process is made more efficient and streamlined, with support for a seamless dual-display setup, where versatile connectors and height-adjustable flex stands on each model allow users to easily organize their workspace at their convenience. level of comfort, including vertical viewing.

Indeed, both monitors offer a Portrait mode that displays content vertically, but the 24-inch build is especially handy for day-to-day tasks including analyzing spreadsheets, typing in coding, reading PDFs and reference checking, due to its more compact form factor. For those in the programming field, this means that more characters will be displayed in a single line of code, so it’s easier to follow input without having to scroll through lines of data all the time.

“Having these monitors has really increased my productivity due to their ergonomic design,” shares Michelle Lee, full stack developer and freelancer, who has been with the company for 10 years. “They are very flexible, so you can adjust them in any direction, be it horizontal or vertical.”

The ability for various monitor configurations and layouts came in handy for the 28-year-old, who explained that she uses the 27-inch GW2785TC horizontally for research, front-end design, and database queries, and the 24-inch GW2485TC in portrait mode for back-end coding. As the monitors are also Daisy Chain compatible, allowing the connection of two to four displays via DisplayPort, it is possible to connect them to more external sources if required.

Adapting them for personal customization is made easy with tilt, swivel, and swivel functionality, all of which can be performed smoothly with little effort, as both monitors are designed to rotate to either side.

The setup process is also simple, involving only the attachments of three different components to each other. This versatility is a welcome change for Michelle, who prior to the move to BenQ used very conventional monitors that impacted her workflow.

“Due to its limited height and inflexible nature, I had to constantly scroll through my codes on the [old] monitor,” says the coding pro. “Since there were no multitasking features, I had to switch between tabs, which slowed my productivity.”

The coding mode is another of its favorites. The monitors are the first of their kind in the world, with the Special Mode optimizing Dark Mode contrast and saturation, allowing users to view and keep track of their codes more easily. Guaranteeing its effectiveness, she explains: “The contrast of the codes against the dark background is very comforting to the eyes, so you don’t have to strain your eyes.

Essentially, more work can be done in a fixed window of time because users won’t have to take frequent breaks. This prevents them from breaking their concentration, allowing them to concentrate for as long as it takes to complete the task.

Left: “Standard mode”, Right: “Coding mode”.

Switching between different modes also proved to be a smooth affair. While the GW2485TC and GW2785TC come with control buttons at the base, the Eye-CareU software offers a quick way to navigate and change various settings. All users need to do is start it up, select a monitor to control, and lock their preferred mode with a mouse, which is faster and more convenient than the traditional pinpoint and button press method. .

Together, all of these custom elements work hand-in-hand with BenQ’s user-friendly technology to deliver an enhanced coding experience. Brightness Intelligence (BI), for example, senses ambient lighting and automatically adjusts screen brightness, while flicker-free technology eliminates flicker at all brightness levels to reduce eye strain and headaches. Low Blue Light Plus filters out harmful blue-violet radiation, while Color Weakness Mode helps those affected by color vision deficiency distinguish between different color codes.

When night falls, the BenQ ScreenBar ensures that users will still get their dose of eye health benefits. The LED Monitor Lamp is designed to relieve eye strain in low-light scenarios, offering adjustable color temperature and auto-dimming for the best lighting environment. Besides its intuitive features, it’s also practical for small spaces, thanks to its clip-on design – which fits almost any monitor – freeing up valuable desk space.

For a freelance coder who often works late into the night, the device is a godsend in all areas that matter. “The screen bar works like a lamp that eliminates glare on the screen, so I don’t have to strain my eyes,” says Michelle. “The best part, however, is that it doesn’t take up any space on my workstation – I can turn off my bedroom lights and work with just this screen bar.”

The GW2485TC and GW2785TC are also no slouch for everyday use. While the FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution benefits programmers more than the average user by producing larger, more readable code, their other features are standard fare aimed at the general public. Both monitors feature a 75Hz refresh rate, dual 2W speakers, and a built-in noise-canceling microphone, plus HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C connectivity with 60W power delivery.

Admittedly, the life of coding professionals and programmers is not easy as they face unique challenges, from troubleshooting lines of code to maintaining websites, and a big part of the job is to look at a large and large wall of text on screen for a long time. BenQ’s pair of monitors seek to alleviate some of that burden by offering eye-care and coding-focused features such as coding mode, portrait mode, and flicker-free technology – and the magic happened, after getting Michelle’s approval herself.

The GW2485TC and GW2785TC are available now from the official website of BenQ, Amazon, Shopee (GW2485TC | GW2785TC) and Lazada for S$259 and S$399 respectively.

This article is brought to you with BenQ Singapore.

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