Cedar Rapids Boys and Girls Club launches new summer programming for teens

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Thierry Boyd, 13, and Deronte Strong, 12, are mentors for the Boys and Girls Club of Cedar Rapids Summer Brain Academy. One of the main goals is to prevent the loss of summer learning for the young people they work with.

“I wanted to get involved in helping little children to learn and have fun too because they admire us. We are much older and as they follow we have to set a good example, ”Boyd said.

It’s also part of the club’s new 8-week career academy program. The two are among 10 teens in the program, which the director of programming and outreach says must teach young people from the inside out.

“We know that at age 14 they start to think about their careers,” said Lori Ampey. “One thing that some of them lack is that they are up to the challenge of accepting a job? So we try to develop a good character with them by teaching them self-care, by teaching them service.

Boyd, Strong and the other kids will volunteer 100 hours each until August. Ampey says she wants them to see career development differently in the aspect of their understanding of their value in the workplace as well.

“One of the things we try to teach them when we build their character is what they look for in an employer and what are some of the things that are essential for them,” Ampey said.

Ampey says she wants to push them to think beyond, too. Boyd plays football and wants a future in the NFL and Strong wants to get into racial justice activism.

“80% of kids are still determined to want to be in the NBA and NFL, and I think those are all great choices, but I also think they need to know that there are plenty of options for it. sport. There is a sports broadcast. There’s own a team, ”Ampey said.

The big conclusion she wants is that they will build their confidence in the years to come, starting with this summer.

“I hope to learn from life lessons and learn more about similar things so that we can have more knowledge as we continue to help in the future,” Boyd said.

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