Chinese GPU makers expected to have 7nm, 5nm GPUs on shelves in 2022

AMD has had fun filling the world’s computers, consoles, servers and supercomputers with its various 7nm CPU and GPU designs courtesy of TSMC, while NVIDIA is limping along with Samsung 8nm…but the floodgates 5nm open later this year.

But it looks like we can expect Chinese GPU makers to have both 5nm and 7nm GPU designs in the market in 2022, according to DigiTimes sources. Their sources said that Innosilicon – which works with Imagination Technologies IP, Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics and Biren Technology – all manufacture GPUs in China.

We’ve already reported on the Innosilicon Fantasy One GPU, which the company offers in an impressive dual-GPU design with up to 32GB of GDDR6X memory (16GB per GPU). Performance only reaches the levels of NVIDIA’s previous generation mid-range GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card. But Intel’s next Arc Alchemist is right around the corner, and that RTX 2070-level performance actually opens the door for China to compete with Intel this year.


Biren Technology announced its new BR100 GPU in October, and is already manufactured on TSMC’s current 7nm node according to the company…which has no performance data on its BR100.

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