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ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr declined to intervene in the debate over closing international borders after the NSW treasurer lobbied for vaccine targets to be linked to the reopening of Australia. The federal budget suggested the country’s international borders would be closed until mid-2022, and Barr said on Monday he didn’t think people could tell if it was too early or too late. “What will clearly help is for more people to get vaccinated,” he said. The chief minister said the deployment had been a “slow process so far” and that vaccine supply problems had clearly limited Australia’s ability to get more people vaccinated. He said these factors were undoubtedly linked to the country’s reopening of the country’s international borders, but he did not say whether he agreed with NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet. The treasurer told the Sydney Morning Herald that vaccination targets linked to reopening international borders were crucial in reassuring the community that Australia would not be closed forever. “The question of when the international border opens is a matter for the Australian government,” Barr said. The Chief Minister was asked if he agreed with former Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth, who told an audience at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons that eradicating Covid was a “false idol” and that practitioners should prepare the public for the reopening of borders and the return of the virus. “We will go from a pandemic to an endemic disease,” Barr said. “The goal of the vaccination program is to make sure people don’t get very sick and die from COVID-19.” But … the coronavirus will be circulating around the world, possibly for the rest of our lives. So we’ll have to get used to living with it. “The chief minister said there were questions about how many booster shots Australia would need and whether the coronavirus vaccine would be part of the country’s annual immunization schedule.” “I don’t know yet, but the assumption is that it probably will,” Barr said. “At some point Australia’s international border will have to open, but that’s a decision the Australian government will make. “It is clear that the more we progress in the deployment of vaccines, the more reassured the Australian government will be in making this decision.” READ MORE: Mr Barr said the federal government could mount a stronger education campaign to target the roughly 30% of the Australian community who are somewhat reluctant to get the Covid vaccine. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has abandoned the goal of vaccinating all Australians by 2021 after the rollout was disrupted by the recommendation that people under the age of 50 not receive the AstraZeneca vaccine. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date information to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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