Costaude programming for 70 years of TNM

Unveiled on Monday, September 21, the rich spectacle will be launched with the play “Embrasse” by Michel-Marc Bouchard, which depicts everything but the heartwarming relationship between a mother (Anne-Marie Cadieux) and her son (Théodore Pellerin), but where the love is not. missing.

Then, TNM will take the public to London in 1483, at the time of Norman Chauvet’s work “Les reines” (from November 16), a story that will feature Céline Bonnier, Sophie Cudio, Kathleen Fortin and Marie . – Pierre Labric, Louise Marlowe, Monique Spaziani.

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The commitment, solidarity and resistance of women will be in the spotlight thanks to “Lysis” (entered into force on January 11, 2022), an innovation by Fanny Britt and Alexia Bürger and to be created by Lauren Bentall, general manager of the Foundation. Montrealers.

On stage, the public will be able to appreciate famous faces such as Bénédicte Décary, Marie Tifo, Brigitte Paquette or Pierre Curzi.

Directed by René-Richard Sirr on Les Trois Sœurs (from February 17, 2022), Marie-Pierre Labric, Noémy Godin-Vigneau and Rebecca Vachon will respectively play Masha, Olga and Irina in order to bring to life the story imagined by the famous Anton . life.

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Later, Yves Landry and several colleagues will go up on the set when “An enemy of the people” will take shape (March 15-April 9, 2022), directed by Edith Patenaud. Then environmental issues, democracy, integrity and political hypocrisy will collide.

Finally, Michel Tremblay in the screenplays, Serge Denoncourt in the direction and Gilles Renaud in the lead role will unite for “Cher Tchekhov” (May 3-28, 2022) which will end with a busy season. Among the solid actors, we will again find Anne-Marie Cadiux.

Technical programming - TNM

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Seats for the “Embrasse” and “Les reines” theaters can be reserved from August 28 at noon, via

Those who want to see “Lysis”, “The 3 sisters”, “Enemy of the people” and “Dear Chekhov” will be able to concentrate on the subscriptions offered from September 7th. Single tickets for these four acts will go on sale. November 22.

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