Court of Quorum to review financial orders today

The Union County College Court is due to meet this morning to review two financial orders.

The first financial order on the agenda would shift grant funds into the Union County Sheriff’s Office budget. Sheriff Ricky Roberts said his office received a grant of $ 17,955 from the Union County Community Foundation’s First Responders Fund, which is being used to develop an app.

“This will allow us to communicate with our citizens in ‘real time’ by conveying important information as we go,” Roberts said in a message to the News-Times.

Roberts said UCSO was working with to develop an application “only for our department”. They are about a week away from the app launch, he said, and more information will be available by then.

The grant covered the cost of developing the app and will fund three years of support and maintenance for the app, he said.

The second financial ordinance on the agenda would shift funds to the Union County Clerk’s Office budget for part-time work.

Finance Committee chair Mike Dumas, who as justice of the peace represents District 1, said part-time work funds previously allocated to the clerk’s office were used to pay technology specialist Jim Monk long-standing county information, for computers. job.

According to the order, $ 10,765 would be allocated to the clerk’s budget for any additional part-time work needed there – $ 10,000 for payment and $ 765 for Social Security matching. Dumas said the funds would hopefully be enough to cover the rest of the year.

JP Greg Harrison from District 3 is also expected to provide an update on the El Dorado-Union County Recreation Complex.

The college court will meet at 10 a.m. in the boardroom on the third floor of the Union County Courthouse.

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