DediProg Champions Universal ALL-IN-ONE, UFS-Ready programming solution

Industry standards generally direct engineers to collaboratively develop a “universal programmer” – a single, universal IC programmer that programs a wide range of IC devices. However, due to multiple technical constraints in programming UFS devices, many industry players have instead opted for “dedicated programmers” – essentially a quick fix setup that connects the programmer to a separate adapter board to access the UFS chips.

DediProg has long noticed this cumbersome bottleneck and has therefore pioneered the NuProgPlus series. It aims to eliminate the inflexibility of those cumbersome dedicated programmers, with the aim of making them flexible, universal and fast. The NuProgPlus is therefore a sleek universal production programmer that supports UFS memory, e-MMC, MCU, NAND Flash and SPI Flash chips, as well as components from many other categories. Customers will therefore use only one programmer for all their chip programming needs, achieving the dual goals of “ALL-IN-ONE” flexible universality and “UFS-Ready” speed.

Mr. Tsao, Chung-Yung, CEO of DediProg, is obviously proud of his team’s achievement: “We have an excellent R&D team involved in early-stage technology development. Additionally, UFS is known for its complex communication protocol, which is why many competitors struggle to beat us.”

There are currently two main UFS programming architectures on the market: the highly scalable FPGA base architecture and the aforementioned ASIC-device-UFS-chip configuration. NuProgPlus programmer uses FPGA architecture, which means it can quickly adjust access to UFS chips without adding a special adapter board. For example, if a UFS chip is upgraded to a new specification, an FPGA-based device can easily resolve compatibility issues within weeks. In contrast, an ASIC-based device will need at least six months of development time for a new ASIC device to support this new specification, or risk the compatibility pitfalls that notoriously result from the slightest disparities between different variants. UFS.

FPGA-based NuProgPlus has five key manufacturing advantages: it is capable of supporting UFS chips of 512 GB and above; it offers direct programmer-to-chip configuration that bypasses the USB transmission restriction; it requires a lower performance load on its host computer; it obviously shortens the data download time; and it can be flexibly installed on the DP3000-G3 automated manager, known for its high output up to 3,600 UPH and fits 96 outlets.

Founded in 2005, DediProg is a leading brand in chip programming technology in Taiwan. It is famous for its excellent R&D team and IC programming solutions. DediProg’s service network spans three continents around the world, providing efficient and real-time technical support worldwide. Click here for more information:

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