Digital Currency Can Boost Finances for Nigerians

A financial knowledge institution, Pipscity, has encouraged Nigerians to harness the opportunities offered by digital currency to boost their finances.

According to Wikipedia, digital currency is any currency, money, or money-like asset that is primarily managed, stored, or exchanged on digital computer systems, especially the Internet.

Digital currencies include cryptocurrency, virtual currency, and central bank digital currency.

The Founder and Chief Tutor of Pipscity, Joel Omoroje, said in a statement on Monday that by using the available digital currency, Nigerians would get value for money, especially with the current economic situation in the country.

“With Nigeria’s inflation rate pegged at 19.64% (on an annual basis in July), keeping funds in digital currency has proven to have a more positive impact on its finances and more values,” he said. .

He added that in this declining economy, Pipscity was poised to impact Nigerians equipped with financial literacy skills to achieve financial success.

Omoroje said, “I have found that most people in Nigeria and the world at large need financial freedom. However, the means and the method that people are trying to achieve is the challenge that our academy is solving.

He explained that Pipscity has been providing proper financial education on how to master and trade assets such as forex, crypto or stocks since 2020.

Through seminars, the founder pointed out, the institution educated different interested people on the benefits of being financially free and shared the experiences of experts to motivate others.

“We have organized crypto events labeled, ‘Crypto fusion madness’, where crypto experts explain a bit about the impact of digital assets on the economy and the world, organized seminars on the impact of finance which covers not only forex and the like, but also building his finances and investments,” he said.

According to Omoroje, our training comes with a copy of our training book titled The Open Secrets to Mastering the Charts (which is a hard copy) and also a trading guide (ebook), our training covers forex, crypto, stocks and synthetic indices.

He pointed out that the institution’s target is people who want to make money and take control of their financial lives.

“Therefore, we encourage all Nigerians who do not want the daily grind of a nine-to-five job to hamper their financial growth to take advantage of this training at Pipscity,” Omoroje added.

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