Donald and Mary Kosch donate $1 million to DPTV

“And we really appreciate that.”

The couple supported bringing PBS Kids learning materials, games and apps to children in Detroit neighborhoods to help them learn before the pandemic. They also supported the Michigan Learning Channel’s launch in early 2021, she said.

Operated in partnership with other public television stations in the state, the Michigan Learning Channel offers additional programming that meets Michigan Education Standards to help children learn and master the skills they need, such as knowledge of the alphabet. It’s primarily focused on K-5 learning right now, Herbert said, with limited programming for older students.

Part of the couple’s donation will also support the development of programs to support children’s mental health, teaching them how to manage their emotions and stress, Herbert said.

The new mental health programs will build on current DPTV programming like “POP checks”, which encourages children to pause for a few minutes to practice techniques that help them identify how they are feeling, center themselves and calm down and relieve stress.

“Sometimes you have to get up and shake your moves,” breathing exercises and lion roars, Herbert said.

“We are very excited about the holistic approach Detroit PBS is taking,” Mary Kosch said in a statement.

“DPTV considers the child, parent(s), caregivers, educators, and collaborates with other community partners to understand and inform what happens from zero to eight,” formative and important years for learning, she said.

Education develops skills and learning that can serve us throughout our lives, said Donald Kosch, who became president of his father’s company, Dearborn Sausage, in 1960 at the age of 23. .

“We know our donation will bring great value to the community and we are excited to establish the Educational Media Center,” he said.

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