‘Don’t kiss or snuggle your pet,’ CDC warns after people in multiple states infected with salmonella linked to hedgehogs, bearded dragons

The Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention calls on pet owners to be careful after a recent outbreak of salmonella has been linked to hedgehogs and bearded dragons.

“Don’t kiss or snuggle your pet as this can spread Salmonella germs on your face and mouth,” the CDC said. in a notice.

CDC investigates outbreak of 32 Salmonella Typhimurium infections in 17 states. Five people were hospitalized and no deaths were reported.

The investigation found that 16 of the sick people had been in contact with pet hedgehogs before they fell ill.

Thirteen people from eight states have been infected with the strain of salmonella muenster, including two from New Hampshire and one from Massachusetts, CBS Boston reported. The CDC said seven people had been hospitalized, including five children under the age of five. No deaths have been reported.

Ten of those people said they came into contact with a bearded dragon before they fell ill, the investigation revealed.

“Do not let children under 5 touch the bearded dragon or the hedgehog, as young children are more likely to have serious illness from Salmonella,” the website said.

The CDC also suggests always washing your hands after touching your pet or anything in its environment, keeping the animal out of the kitchen, and always cleaning items used to care for the animal at all times. outside the house.

Hedgehogs and bearded dragons have led to salmonella outbreaks in the past, including 2012 and 2019, the CDC said.

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