ElectrifAi Showcases Pre-Built Machine Learning Models at AI Summit in New York

Provide fast and reliable machine learning business solutions.

JERSEY CITY, NJ, December 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ElectrifAi, a leading global company in prebuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models, today exhibits its pre-built ML models at the AI ​​Summit in New York.

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ElectrifAi’s field-proven library of pre-built ML models dramatically reduces time to value and achieves it at a fraction of the costs that businesses would otherwise incur. We quickly turn your data into a strategic advantage to generate revenue and reduce costs and risks. Combined with our Machine Learning as Service (MLaaS) offering, businesses of any size can quickly reap the benefits of AI and ML.

ElectrifAi provides intelligent AI and ML solutions that drive business results. We have also built advanced and innovative computer vision models that promote workplace safety and help businesses keep costs down. At AI Summit New York, you can experience our MLaaS, Computer Vision, SpendAi and Natural Language Processing (NLP) products. Our products integrate seamlessly into your deployed technology ecosystem, reducing the need to modify existing workflows.

Thanks to ElectrifAi’s knowledge in multiple fields and its team of experienced data scientists located around the world, we are able to target specific business problems by providing businesses with the benefits of AI and ML without the costly investments in human resources and tools. ElectrifAi eliminates the need to hire your own team of data scientists, tools and platforms that increase your costs and time. By partnering with ElectrifAi, you can get proven ML solutions faster and at lower cost.

“We are delighted to be exhibiting at the AI ​​Summit in New York, as it is the only event in the world that focuses exclusively on the impact of AI in business. Businesses are asking the question: “What are we doing now?” The world doesn’t. need another cloud business, platform or tools. Customers need solutions for their business, and that’s exactly what we deliver. Our pre-built ML models are proven in the real world and help businesses quickly get the actionable insights they need to reduce costs and risk while increasing revenue. We are changing the world one solution at a time ”, said the CEO of ElectrifAi Edouard scott.

About ElectrifAi
ElectrifAi is a world leader in ready-to-use machine learning and computer vision models. ElectrifAi’s mission is to help organizations change the way they work through machine learning and computer vision: rapidly increasing revenue and performance, as well as reducing costs and risks. Founded in 2004, ElectrifAi boasts seasoned industry leadership, a global team of domain experts, and a proven track record in transforming structured and unstructured data at scale. ElectrifAi’s extensive library of AI-powered products spans business functions, data systems and teams to achieve superior results in record time. ElectrifAi has approximately 200 data scientists, software engineers and employees with a proven track record of managing over 2,000 client implementations, primarily for Fortune 500 companies. At the heart of ElectrifAi’s mission is a commitment to deliver AI, machine learning and computer vision more understandable, practical and profitable for businesses and industries around the world. ElectrifAi is a global company with offices in Miami, Jersey city, Shanghai and New Delhi.



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