Elitek, a subsidiary of LKQ, will offer remote analyzes and programming to auto body shops



Elitek, a subsidiary of LKQ, will offer remote analyzes and programming to auto body shops

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LKQ announced on Tuesday that its mobile service provider Elitek now has the ability to remotely scan and program vehicles.

Elitek had already offered scanning services during a visit from one of its mobile technicians. Now, this will give stores the ability to plug an “EVS” device into their customer’s OBD-II port and have Elitek examine the vehicle at an offsite call center.

“The technician, with the assistance of a centralized Elitek diagnostician, performs the diagnostic scan (s), produces a scan report, allows remote programming if required and charges for the service,” LKQ wrote in a statement. press Tuesday.

LKQ’s vice president of sales and marketing in North America, Terry Fortner, said the device can connect to a remote OEM or aftermarket scan tool. “We use OEM tooling as the recommended and primary tool,” he wrote in an email.

Fortner said customers can always bring in an Elitek mobile technician and perform operations on site if they wish.

“In our eyes, it depends on the customers, we want the best experience for them, and they should be the ones who decide what it is,” he wrote in an email. “Both will arrive.”

Fortner and Elitek’s remote division manager Don Smith stressed that remote services allow Elitek to work with customers their fleet cannot reach.

“With the formation of Elitek, LKQ now provides the most comprehensive diagnostic services in the repair industry,” Fortner said in a statement. “Elitek is the premier provider of remote and mobile diagnostic services. This expanded offering allows us to be more responsive to our customers, including those located outside of our current mobile service sites. “

“Our goal is to continue to provide superior customer service,” Smith said in a statement. “With the addition of remote services, we can be more responsive to a wider range of customers. And with the LKQs Calibration promise, customers get the added peace of mind knowing that Elitek will be behind the job.

Elitek also offers mobile technologies for jobs such as advanced calibrations of driver assistance systems and mechanical manpower, “using a range of OEM software, tools and technicians. certified “.

We asked LKQ for their views on the ability of bodybuilders to sublet mobile and remote labor like Elitek’s, reimbursed by insurers.

“The reality is that some auto body shops and machine shops may not be fully capable for a variety of factors; like lack of equipment, understaffing or inexperience, ”Fortner wrote. “We’re just here to professionally help our customers get the vehicle to the customer in a safe and timely manner. We are the only company to offer full service; pre, post, diagnosis and mobile!

Collision Advice CEO Mike Anderson presented statistics during an April Elite Body Shop Academy webinar Dave Luehr showing significant percentages of body shops using mobile and / or remote diagnostics. (Respondents could choose more than one answer.)

Few stores rated mobile diagnostics as their The most common digitization methodology. But a third of repairers relied on remote scans as their primary technique, according to Collision Advice and CRASH Network “Who Pay for What?” vote.

More information:

“LKQ Corporation’s Elitek® Vehicle Services Business Announces Further Expansion in Remote Automotive Diagnostics and Programming”

LKQ, June 22, 2021


The EVS OBD-II plug-in from subsidiary LKQ Elitek is shown. The device allows Elitek to perform remote diagnostics on a vehicle in a body shop. (Provided by Elitek)

A 2020 “Who pays for what? ‘Survey revealed a variety of analytical methodologies used in the accident repair industry. (Provided by Collision Advice and CRASH Network)

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