Evidence shows Alex Jones sales volume skyrocketed during fake Sandy Hook lineup

Sandy Hook’s parents revealed in court on Thursday new records showing that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ company performed sophisticated analyzes of its businesses on the web and knew its sales volume exploded during a lineup describing the Newtown school shooting as a government hoax.

In a notable example, Jones’ internal records show that in September 2014, total single-day sales on just one of its six Internet retail sites jumped 500%, from $48,000 to 232. $000, after Jones interviewed a notorious Sandy Hook denier about a false report claiming no one died at the school, according to a court filing.

Web traffic analyzes presented to jurors on Thursday suggest Jones has exploited the relationship between Sandy Hook content and profits, at least since 2014, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales – even after being told that his broadcasts hoax endangered parents and relatives of 20 years. first-graders and six educators murdered in the mass shooting.

Jurors obtained the forensic reports, mixed with Jones’ extremely spurious broadcast denials of the shooting, during the third day of the trial in a lawsuit against Jones and his company by a first responder and relatives of the 26 students and educators. deceased. They are seeking compensation for the harassment they say they suffered as a result of his assertions to millions that they were actors in a fake school massacre staged as a pretext for gun control.

Thursday was the second full day of painstaking interrogations by family attorney Christopher Mattei of Brittany Paz, the Connecticut attorney Jones hired on the eve of the trial to testify as a representative of Free Speech Systems, the company owned Jones’ proprietary behind Infowars, its Texas-based family of broadcast, internet and retail platforms.

Paz was unable to answer a number of questions because, after hiring her to testify in the lawsuit as a representative, she said Jones had not made himself available to answer her questions. in some cases and had not made the records available to him in others. Among the records Paz said she couldn’t access were figures on the volume of internet traffic to and from Jones’ social media sites.

Much of Thursday’s questioning focused on the extraordinarily high social media traffic associated with Jones’ multiple websites and broadcast operations in late September 2014 before and after his interview with Sandy Hook denier Wolfgang Halbig, who became a regular guest on Jones’ shows.

Internal email correspondence from the Free Speech System shows the company appreciates its social media presence as it has drawn shoppers to its outlets for its products, such as high-priced nutritional supplements and fitness equipment. survival.

Jones said on his radio show hours after the Sandy Hook shooting that it was a hoax. But two years later, his web traffic and sales increased when he invited Halbig to his radio show, according to evidence presented Thursday. Halbig claimed, among other things, that everything about the shooting was a theatrical performance because the school had been so intoxicated with lead, asbestos, and PCP contamination that it had been closed years before.

Five things you need to know

Five things you need to know


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The day before Halbig’s appearance, Jones’ guest was one of his so-called reporters who had written an article falsely reporting that the FBI had determined that no one had been murdered in Newtown in 2012. , which means that the shooting in the school did not take place. During this program, 54% of traffic to Jones’ main website came from social media.

Traffic increased over 66% and sales increased 500% to $248,000 the next day when Halbig appeared as a guest to give his opinion on the fake news story. Based on what he called his personal investigation, he said, “Sandy Hook was toxic. It’s a toxic waste dump. It was the dirtiest, most despicable school I had ever seen.

Three days later, Halbig emailed Jones’ radio producer, thanking him for the contribution Infowars had made to the legal fund that funded his Sandy Hook investigations.

Halibig continued to appear on Jones’ program, and Infowars assigned its reporters to cover him on trips to Connecticut, where he went to demand proof of a hoax and press requests for public records from the Newtown police.

Mattei produced email correspondence in court Thursday that shows Halbig was in contact with Infowars until at least 2020, two years after the families of the victims filed a lawsuit and after Jones admitted that the Sandy Hook shooting was real.

The trial before Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis is solely up to the jury to determine the amount of Jones’ compensation. The lawsuit charges Jones with libel, infliction of emotional distress and violation of the state’s Unfair Trade Practices Act, a law that does not limit potential damages.

In an unusual default decision last year, Bellis settled the lawsuit in favor of the victims, saying Jones waived his right to defend himself from liability by violating his court orders and legal process by not participating in the disclosure. joint case and other pre-trial proceedings.

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