Four Los Alamos high school students named 2022 Supercomputing Challenge finalists

LAHS News:

Four students from Los Alamos High School have been named finalists for the 2022 Supercomputing Challenge.

The Supercomputing Challenge is a program for middle and high school students in New Mexico to come up with a computer science project and work on it year-round.

This is the 32nd year of the challenge.

LAHS senior Robert Strauss won the High Performance Computing Award for “Protein Design with Quantum and Neuromorphic Computing”.

Tenth grade students Daniel Kim and Andres Iturregui were named first place winners for their project, Developing a Control Algorithm and Simulation for Thrust Vector Control Rockets.

Andrés Iturregui

Freshman Andrew Morgan the entry was titled A Ray of Hope.

According to the website (, the New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge was devised in 1990 by former Los Alamos lab director Sig Hecker and Tom Thornhill, president of New Mexico Technet Inc., a nonprofit corporation that set up in 1985 a computer network to link the national laboratories of the State. , universities, state government and some private companies.

US Senator Pete Domenici and John Rollwagen, then chairman and CEO of Cray Research Inc., added their support. In 2001, the Adventures in Supercomputing program formerly housed at Sandia National Laboratories and then at the University of New Mexico’s Albuquerque High Performance Computing Center merged with the former New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge to become the New Mexico High School Adventures in Supercomputing Challenge. .

The main partners of the Supercomputing Challenge are the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the New Mexico Consortium and Triad National Security, LLC.

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