Fugitive crypto teen from Waterloo stays in hiding

While preparing for his master’s degree in mathematics at the University of Waterloo, Andean Medjedovic prepared a brief biography, listing his interests and hobbies:

“Cryptocurrency and trading. Free and open source software. Reading, meditation, chess (blindfolded).

Medjedovic, now 19, apparently has a new passion: hiding from the law.

A warrant for his arrest was issued at the end of December. Thursday, he had not been found.

Medjedovic is accused in a civil case of stealing $15 million worth of cryptocurrency tokens.

“Mr. Medjedovic used his tremendous mathematical prowess to engineer and unleash a complex computer attack on Index Finance,” Superior Court Judge Fred Myers told a hearing, “and essentially tricked him into sending him 15 millions of dollars in other people’s cryptocurrency tokens.

The attack took place in October. Index Finance (online stories call it Indexed Finance) is described as a “decentralized finance platform for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.”

Users allege that Medjedovic “hijacked” the tokens.

The civil case will be heard in Toronto if he can be located.

Medjedovic participated in a virtual hearing on December 17. He was given four days to get the crypto tokens “into the hands of a neutral custodian.” The judge told him that if he didn’t, he could be ordered to show why he shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.

A hearing has been set for December 21. Since Medjedovic did not show up, the judge issued an arrest warrant.

Medjedovic’s last tweets were reportedly posted in October, a week after the attack.

“I’m looking for the most elite crypto lawyers,” reads a tweet identified online as coming from his account. “I will need a whole team. If indexed wants to insinuate that I did something wrong and resort to name calling, LOL.

The judge said it appears that Medjedovic “went into hiding.”

“That seems to me to be the worst outcome for everyone involved,” he said. “While this may leave Mr. Medjedovic holding the disputed cryptocurrency tokens for now, he is doing so under the cloud of a dispute and as a wanted person.”

Medjedovic apparently graduated from high school in Hamilton at age 13 and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. He lived in Waterloo while studying at UW.

Later, he lived with his parents, but they said he moved out and took his computers, and they didn’t know where he was.

The Record received an unsigned email last month claiming Medjedovic had recently been spotted at Waterloo.

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