Guide to computers (required machines and everything you need)

Satisfactory has plenty of recipes that require Computers or Supercomputers, so unlocking them and gathering resources to craft them is essential.

Computers are essential for making a variety of intermediate and final products in Satisfying, but they must first be unlocked and built. The first three types of computers can be unlocked after reaching level 5, and supercomputers can be unlocked later once level 7 is available. After level 2, higher levels can be unlocked by building the Space Elevator.

Computers become a necessary resource in later stages of Satisfying as they are required for certain buildings and advanced products. One of the components that can be made using computers is a supercomputer, which leads to even more advanced equipment later on. For example, to use nuclear power plants or geothermal generators as an energy source, supercomputers are needed.


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There are different types of resources in Satisfying that are needed to make computers. The three types of computers generally require different resources to manufacture, but they all require a circuit board. The circuit board can be unlocked in the Level 5 – Oil Processing section, and it requires two copper sheets and four plastics. The other components needed to make the ordinary computer should be readily available.

Every Type of Computer and How to Build Them Satisfyingly

Guide to Satisfying Computers Required Machines and All You Need Manufacturers

There are three types of computers that can be unlocked at level 5, and they can all be used to create recipes. All three computers are interchangeable in crafting, so players should produce the one that is easiest for them to craft based on their available resources. Computers can be built either at the manufacturer, who combines three or four resources, or at the assembler, who can only combine two. Computers are used to craft certain vehicles, as well as a variety of advanced products. One of the items that can be crafted with computers is a supercomputer, which allows players to access even more advanced products.

  • computer (Level 5): Build this Satisfying The computer requires 10 circuit boards, nine cables, 18 plastics, and 52 screws, and it can be built using the manufacturer. A computer can be produced every 24 seconds.
  • crystal computer (Level 5): Eight circuit boards and three crystal oscillators are needed to build a crystal computer using the assembler. Crystal computers are produced at the rate of three every 64 seconds.
  • Computer Caterium (Level 5): The Caterium computer is built with the manufacturer using seven circuit boards, 28 speed wires, and 12 rubbers. A Caterium computer can be produced every 16 seconds.

Every recipe that uses a computer satisfactorily

Satisfying computer guide Required machinery and all you need Electric locomotive
  • Adaptive control unit (Level 5): The adaptive control unit unlocked in Satisfying and fabricated at the manufacturer using 15 automated wiring, 10 circuit boards, two heavy modular frames and two computers. It takes 120 seconds to produce two adaptive control units.
  • electric locomotive (Level 6): Using the construction gun, the electric locomotive can be crafted with five heavy modular frames, 10 motors, 15 steel pipes, five computers and five beacons.
  • Fluid Freight Platform (Tier 6): The Fluid Cargo Rig requires six Heavy Modular Frames, two Computers, 50 Concrete, 25 Cables, and five Motors, and it can be crafted with the Construction Gun.
  • freight platform (Level 6): Six heavy modular frames, two computers, 50 concrete, 25 cables and five motors can be used to craft the cargo platform with the construction gun.
  • fuel generator (Level 6): The Build Gun is used in Satisfying to place a Fuel Generator, which is crafted using five Computers, 10 Heavy Modular Frames, 15 Engines, 50 Rubber, and 50 Quickwires.
  • Hover Pack (Level 7): Eight Engines, four Heavy Modular Frames, eight Computers, and 40 Alclad Aluminum Sheets can be used to craft the Hover Pack through the Equipment Workshop.

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  • way signal (Level 6): The Path Signal is placed with the Construction Gun and can be crafted using two Steel Pipes, Copper Sheet, and a Computer.
  • Radio control unit (Level 7): A radio control unit can be built at the manufacturer. It requires 32 aluminum cases, a crystal oscillator and a computer, and takes 48 seconds per unit.
  • supercomputer (Tier 7): A Supercomputer takes 32 seconds to be produced at the Manufacturer. It can be crafted using two Computers, two AI Limiters, three High Speed ​​Connectors, and 28 plastics.
  • Super State Computer (Level 8): The resources needed to build this Satisfying The machine includes three computers, two electromagnetic control rods, 20 batteries and 45 wires. It takes 50 seconds for the Fabricator to produce two Super-State Computers.
  • Station (Level 6): Using the construction gun, a train station can be crafted with four heavy modular frames, eight computers, 50 concrete, and 25 cables.
  • Truck (Level 5): The resources needed to craft a truck using the construction gun include eight engines, 10 computers, four heavy modular frames, 50 rubber, and 10 beacons.

Every supercomputer crafting recipe is satisfying

A satisfying feeding guide unlocks the best methods and locations Nuclear Power Plant
  • Assembly Director System (Level 7): An assembly director system can be produced every 80 seconds using the assembler, along with two adaptive control units and a supercomputer.
  • geothermal generator (Caterium Research): With the Build Gun, a geothermal generator can be crafted using eight supercomputers, 16 heavy modular frames, 16 high-speed connectors, 40 copper sheets, and 80 rubber.
  • Miner Mk.3 (Tier 8): The Miner Mk.3 requires three portable miners, 50 steel pipes, five supercomputers, 10 fused modular frames, and three turbo engines to craft through the construction gun.
  • Nuclear plant (Level 8): A nuclear power plant requires 250 concrete, 25 heavy modular frames, five supercomputers, 100 cables and 100 Alclad aluminum sheets, and it is placed with the construction gun.
  • Particle accelerator (Level 8): The particle accelerator Satisfying can be created with the Build Gun using 25 Radio Command Units, 100 Electromagnetic Command Rods, 10 Supercomputers, 50 Cooling Systems, 20 Fused Modular Frames, and 10 Turbo Engines.
  • Programmable separator (Research Caterium): A Heavy Modular Chassis, Engine, and Supercomputer are required to craft the Programmable Splitter via the Construction Gun.

Computers can be destroyed for FICSIT coupons satisfactorily

Guide to Satisfying Computers Required Machines and Everything You Need AWESOME Sink

While there are many different recipes that require one or more computers, there is also another use for these. One of the first unlockable buildings is the AWESOME Sink, which is part of Tier 2 – Resource Sink Bonus Program. If players have additional computers or the resources to build them, they can be destroyed in the AWESOME Sink to earn FICSIT coupons.

The AWESOME Shop takes FICSIT Coupons in exchange for resources such as ammo packs, health packs, beacons, and explosives, as well as a variety of parts, accessories, architectural items, vehicles, and weapons. other products used to explore or build in Satisfying. Destroying a computer grants 17,260 and a supercomputer can be destroyed for 99,576 FICSIT coupons. Items in the AWESOME store cost between one and 1,000 FISCIT coupons, but most can be purchased for less than 10. Getting FISCIT coupons is another way to use computers and supercomputers in Satisfying.

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Satisfying is available in early access on PC.

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