Here is a bunch of useful lectures for programmers at GDC 2021

There are no great games without good programmers, but how do good programmers move up the ranks?

Well if you are a programmer trying to solve this question you might want to check out the many, a lot great discussions at the 2021 All-Digital Game Developers Conference. In all of these different conferences, programmers can delve into specific solutions to common problems and learn how to better collaborate with their teammates to solve them.

Here are a few unmissable sessions you should register for:

Blowing from the west: simulate the wind in Ghost of Tsushima – See how Sucker Punch made the wind blow Ghost of Tsushima.

Online Gaming Technology Summit: Data-Driven Competitive Matchmaking Across Continents – Learn How To Create Better Matchmaking Systems Using Data From Any Of The Warcraft 3 best competitive players.

Tools Summit: How Ubisoft Creates More “Intuitive” Tools – Senior GDC speaker David Lightbown will discuss how Ubisoft creates better tools for game developers.

Azeroth War Stories – Immerse yourself in some of the great programming sagas in the history of World of warcraft development.

Tools Summit: Unleash the Cognitive Load: UX in the Animation Workflow – Irene Zhu from 343 Industries will walk you through how you can improve your tools to suit working home conditions.

There are so many other programming discussions to see at GDC 2021. register today and start building your schedule for this year’s online show!

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