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For example, Thom Mason, director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, admits (“Mason: Nuclear Work Remains Core of the LANL Mission,” April 30) that LANL’s primary mission is the design and construction of nuclear weapons. He goes on to say that LANL’s other projects, presumably those that benefit humanity, would not be feasible without technological miracles like supercomputers associated with weapons.

Wouldn’t it be a more efficient use of resources to work directly on projects that benefit humanity and allow the spinoffs of that work to be applied to weapons of mass destruction?

To my surprise, I recently discovered that a popular grocery store no longer sanitizes shopping carts. Rather than just wondering if this decision makes sense, I think a retail grocery store that prides itself on healthy choices would care more about the citizens of the community who keep them at the top of the sales heaps.

On its website under the COVID-19 update, the company touts the many things it does to protect us all, explaining that it “tries to do what is right”. And now, when I left, I noticed that some shopping carts were being cleaned in another store. I believe in what I see, not what I hear. At that point, my future purchasing decisions were made.

The coronavirus pandemic has once again reminded people that the disease knows no borders. International cooperation, combined with a united fight against COVID-19, is the only way to prevent and control epidemics. The Taiwanese model of preventing the COVID-19 epidemic has gained wide recognition around the world, enabling proactive assistance from Taiwan to other countries.

Locally, a donation of 130,000 surgical masks was provided to the University of New Mexico hospital by the Taiwanese private sector. This is in addition to the Taiwanese government’s donation of 60,000 surgical masks and 5,000 N95 masks to the state of New Mexico.

In fact, New Mexico is one of the main forces supporting the relationship between the United States and Taiwan. Thus, Taiwan calls on its international friends, such as the people of New Mexico, to call attention to the exclusion of Taiwan and to strongly support Taiwan’s participation in the global health network and its new contributions in the era. post-pandemic.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

This is in response to the article (“St. Michael’s Alumni Say Staff Abused Them,” April 20). I attended the old St. Michael’s High School from 1945-1957. Brother Abdon and Brother Andrew taught me in high school.

I lived just around the corner from the school. I spent many hours there after school. St. Michael’s was also a boarding school, so there were a lot of boarders there all the time. Everyone knew that the Christian Brothers were strict and would apply rigorous discipline. I have always considered the Christian Brothers as my father, because my father died before I started school. I am grateful to them for giving me my Catholic foundation.

If only we had them now, our city and state would be a better place. These two defendants lived for a long time in the retirement home on the campus. It is sad that the men charged with the accusations waited for the death of the brothers to accuse them. They cannot defend themselves. I know a lot of the Santa Fe men they taught would stand up for their kindness and decency.

Want to save 50% on heating / cooling? Anyone living in public housing or working for the government should have locked thermostats set to 70 degrees for the winter and 74 degrees for the summer.

A friend who works for the government says she wears her winter clothes in the summer and her summer clothes in the winter.

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