Iran plans to build “Maryam Mirzakhani” supercomputer

According to Ehsan Aryanian, head of computing platforms at the ICT Research Institute, the first calls for research and design of the “Maryam Supercomputer” have been made.

After receiving the proposals, evaluating them and receiving the necessary funds, the institute will start building the supercomputer with the cooperation of the applicants, he told the Mehr news agency on Sunday.

The Maryam supercomputer will be more powerful than the recently unveiled Simorgh, Aryanian noted without providing details on its processing power.

The Simorgh Supercomputer was inaugurated in mid-May. Simorgh’s current processing power is over one petaflops (i.e. one billion millions (1015) of floating point operations per second). Simorgh supports companies with the aim of developing artificial intelligence. He is able to perform a variety of tasks including big data analysis, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and genetic data analysis.

Aryanian also highlighted plans to improve the Simorgh supercomputer, hoping the device could be listed in the Top500 project after the updates.

In 2017, Mirzakhani, winner of the Fields Medal, also known as the Nobel Prize in Mathematics, died of breast cancer at age 40. She won a gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympics in Hong Kong in 1994 for being the first Iranian female student to win a gold medal.

At the International Mathematical Olympics in Toronto in 1995, she became the first Iranian student to win two gold medals. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, in 1999. Mirzakhani then moved to the United States and completed a doctorate. from Harvard University in 2004.

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