Justin Hotard, HPC Manager, HPE, on the impacts and wider implications of Exascale

In this interview with Justin Hotard, SVP / GM of High Performance Computing and Mission Critical Solutions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, he discusses the new world made possible by exascale supercomputing. Among the topics he delves into: why exascale is applicable to more sectors of the market (read: business) than some might think and how the Cray programming environment is facilitating the rapidly evolving heterogeneous superpower of supercomputing. : HPC combined with AI.

With HPE as prime contractor or system architecture for the first three American exascale systems, Hotard is in the cockpit of the exascale movement. Recorded on October 18, this interview took place on a unique exascale day: the celebration of 2021 marks the year the first exascale system – Frontier, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory – will be installed.

One of Hotard’s messages: Avoid mistakenly believing that exascale is only suitable for advanced otherworldly science.

“I truly believe that the biggest misconception is that exascale cannot be applied by virtually every business and every customer to generate better insights and better results,” Hotard told us. “From an HPE perspective, this is at the heart of our goal, which is to advance the way people live and work, and I believe our customers who are going to deploy exascale will enable this opportunity. Now it is up to the user base and all of us as businesses and ultimately researchers and scientists to harness the power that we are harnessing and use it to actually change the world. world. I think that’s what’s going to be exciting as we go along.

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