Make COVID-19 vaccines, drugs without patent; allow local competition: RSS affiliate in the center

RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) has called on the central government to grant flexibilities in India’s patent law to allow more companies to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines and drugs.

In a statement, SJM wants the government to use legal provisions to exempt patent rights and have these products manufactured for government use or issue a compulsory license under Section 92 of the Patent Act to increase production drugs like Remdesivir, Faviracire, Tociluzumab and newer drugs like Molnupiravir.

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“Although the local production of Remdesivir and Favirapvir is taking place, the amount available is very insufficient to meet the growing demand due to the severity of the problem. Another important drug for treating COVID-19 patients with” “Deadly cytokine storm is Tocilizumab, which is not produced in India. The import of this drug is grossly insufficient to meet requirements,” said Ashwani Mahajan, national co-organizer, SJM.

SJM called for facilitating the transfer of vaccine technology, including trade secrets, to all potential manufacturers to increase production of Covaxin and Covishield. He wanted the government to broadly allow vaccine production to more pharmaceutical companies with technological capabilities, instead of a few companies.

The organization called for providing regulatory clearance to start local production of the Sputnik V vaccine and to impose a price cap on COVID-19 drugs and vaccines taking into account the cost of preparation based on production.

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The organization also wants India to transfer drug and vaccine production technologies globally and express the need for an intellectual property waiver and the facilitation of technology transfer in all relevant international forums. at the global level and accelerates diplomatic efforts at the G7, G20, and other groupings.

“SJM deeply regrets the statement by global business leader Bill Gates that the vaccine formula should not be shared with India and other countries.” It is nothing but another manifestation of corporate greed to profit from the worst pandemic of the century. urgent need to invoke measures such as price caps for these drugs. The prices of vaccines announced by the two companies for public markets and private hospitals are exorbitant and affect the acceleration of vaccination in the country. The unreasonable benefits of drugs and vaccines are unjustifiable under all circumstances, especially in the event of a pandemic, ”said Mahajan.

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