Mamata promises 5 lakhs of jobs and an allowance for women heads of household

West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congressional Supreme Mamata Banerjee announced a host of “social protection programs” in her manifesto for the upcoming 2021 polls in the state.

The promise she made is to “make Bengal the fifth largest economy” with 500,000 jobs created, if she is voted into power.

Another important promise after the poll is the implementation of a “monthly basic income” program whereby “women heads of household” will be entitled to an allowance of Rs 500 – Rs 1000 (per month) for castes. General and SC, ST and OBC respectively.

“There are at least 1.6 crore of general caste families who will benefit from the program. The allowance will continue beyond existing programs such as free ration, health care benefits, etc. Banerjee said.

A widow’s pension scheme was announced earlier in February. The implementation of this regime will take place after the new government comes to power.

The chief minister also promised “home delivery of rations” in the event of a return to power.

The survey manifesto also adds that students will be able to take out loans of up to Rs 10,000,000 using a “student credit card” at an interest rate of 4%. The state government will be the guarantor of these loans.

“In addition, we will provide 10,000 yen per acre per year to all marginal small farmers,” the CM said.

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