Message on PM, RSS: What prompted Facebook’s watchdog to revoke the ban?

The supervisory board of social media giant Facebook overturned a decision by the platform to remove a post criticizing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Supervisory Board also said Facebook was wrong in not giving the user who shared the post an opportunity to appeal the original decision.

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What post was banned by Facebook?

According to details shared by the Supervisory Board, in November last year, a user in Punjab shared a 17-minute video clip that was originally uploaded by a Punjabi media channel called Global Punjab TV. The video clip showed an interview with a professor.

In the post accompanying the video, the user claimed that the RSS and BJP were moving towards “extremism” and were threatening and planning to kill Sikhs in a style that would repeat the “murderous saga” of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. .

After being flagged by another user, the post was reviewed by a human reviewer on Facebook, who determined that the post violated the platform’s Dangerous People and Organizations community standard, and then removed.

What is the community standard for Facebook’s dangerous individuals and organizations?

In accordance with the policy of Facebook, the platform, in order to prevent and disrupt any harm in the real world, does not allow any organization or individual that proclaims a violent mission or is engaged in violence to be present on the platform. -form.

Why did the Supervisory Board overturn the platform’s decision to ban the job?

The Supervisory Board overturned the decision to ban the user and delete his message mainly on two accounts. The first problem with removing content and banning the user was that Facebook was unable to identify specific words in the content that it deemed “unsafe” to the community.

Second, Facebook’s removal of the post was not in line with its own policy of protecting and safeguarding human rights, as the post that was shared “brought to light the concerns of minority voices and the community. ‘opposition in India who would be discriminated against by the government.

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