Minot library director defends decision to cancel children’s programming amid COVID-19 concerns

MINOT, ND – Earlier this week your information officer told you that the Minot Public Library made the difficult decision to cancel its children’s programming for the rest of the year, due to health concerns linked to COVID-19.

The director of the library defends this decision.

Janet Anderson said all children’s and teen shows have been canceled until next year and most adult shows will go virtual.

Anderson said it was a very difficult decision, but in the end, they feel like they made the right decision.

She said a handful of staff recently discovered that there is “close contact” and that the library is keen to research what is best for clients and staff.

She said the library had drawn a bit of public criticism for the decision, but other than that, the community was overwhelmingly supportive.

“If we were to get a group of employees out for quarantine, it would really hamper the other services we continue to provide. So we had to weigh the decision between the safety of our staff and that of our customers, and the ability to continue to provide service, ”said Anderson. The Halloween puppet show scheduled for Saturday morning will still go as planned, along with a concert scheduled for November 7.

Library patrons are not required to wear masks, but are strongly encouraged to do so.

Library staff will soon be required to wear them.

Anderson said they would revisit the situation as the New Year approaches.

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