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EDMONTON, AB / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2021 / Mission Computers is an Alberta-based company founded in 1991, long before the technology was as mainstream as it is today. At the time, Mission Computers Founder and CEO Connie Clark had one goal: to prepare people for a future where computer skills would be a crux of success. Today, that future is here and the company pursues its mission.

The world is changing rapidly as work, and an important aspect of our personal lives, begins to go digital. But even as the world continues to change, most people find it difficult to keep up with the change. Systems, tools and technology continue to develop over time, and technology training company Mission Computers helps people stay relevant.

Connie is back to teaching people how to use computers in the days of MS DOS, WordPerfect and Lotus. But as an educator of innovation, she refuses to stay in the past. Mission Computers has evolved over time, shifting to giving businesses and individuals instructions on how to use Windows, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and other productivity-based tools. Behind every lesson lies a foundation of intent to help customers stay up to date, comfortable, confident, and efficient with computers and other technologies used in the workplace.

From its inception, Mission Computers has remained comprehensive, meeting customer needs and moving from the classroom to on-site and now online training. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Mission had started switching from face-to-face classes to virtual classes, at an impeccable time given the crisis would close all gatherings within days. Capable of rotating at any time, Mission Computers began to shift their schedules to Zoom and Teams classes and increased their mileage capacity.

As businesses move through the new reality of relying on work-at-home setups and work-home-office hybrids, Mission Computers responds to an urgent need as more and more company staff scramble to find it. learn more about cloud tools and collaboration software. it makes productivity possible wherever you are in the world. Mission Computers also has a Facebook group called “Just One Click To Save Hours In Your Day,” where Connie and her team regularly deliver training programs and technology tips and hacks to people through Facebook Live. It has also launched a YouTube channel that will serve as a mini resource hub for people who want to master business tools for professional purposes.

Over the years, Mission Computers has been able to stay one step ahead in technology preparation and education. As a result, the company and its founder, Connie, have received numerous accolades and accolades, including the Business to Business award from the local chamber of commerce. Connie is also currently Secretary-Treasurer of the St. Albert & District Chamber of Commerce and has served on several boards of directors in business and education communities and organizations.

Mission Computers continues to grow, ensuring that none of their training materials or programs become obsolete. When advancement continues at a faster pace, the business stays ahead of the game. It provides all of its students with the know-how and resources to stay on the cutting edge of technology and succeed in a digital workspace.

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Website: https://mission-computers.com

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