Netflix adds video games to its lineup

If you are a gamer, you might be happy with it. Netflix has just announced that it will add video games to its catalog.

According to CNN, the streaming giant plans to offer video games later next year.

Recently added video games will appear on the platform as a new genre. Netflix is ​​known to raise prices, but so far the streaming giants have indicated that they “will not charge extra for access to the game.”

“It sounds like an important event that has a huge impact on the entire world of video games,” Citi analyst Jason Bazinette said in a note Thursday. He said Netflix’s move creates “obvious risks” for developers and publishers of major games, “Bloomberg reports.

The addition of these new games can be a good way for Netflix to remain the largest shareholder in the streaming world.

Netflix has seen a few changes over the past year. From rising prices to cracking down on passwords, streaming giants are slowly changing their infrastructure.

Netflix recently bought a multi-part documentary about the life of Kanye West for $ 30 million.

Kanye West was Save his life Since entering the entertainment industry 20 years ago, and luckily for his army of enthusiastic fans, all the behind-the-scenes moments in the life of a legendary rapper / producer / designer are officially all. Will be seen by people.

Netflix adds video games to its lineup

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