Nintendo to skip ‘Switch Pro’ for Next-Gen console in 2024, analyst says

Nintendo should unveil its next-generation console in 2024, and not a “Switch Pro” model whose release is announced this year.

Ampère Analysis’s senior game industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls made his prediction in a Games Industry.Biz article, saying he didn’t even expect Nintendo to release the alleged “Switch Pro” console.

Will the next-gen Nintendo console support full 4K resolution support?

Harding-Rolls said he “didn’t expect a Switch Pro in 2022,” although he did point out a “next-gen Nintendo console” in their forecast for the end of 2024. He didn’t did not specify the features that would come with the new Switch console. , although many speculated that it would deliver the much-desired 4K resolution or enhanced hardware power.

Harding-Rolls’ claims also don’t confirm Nintendo’s official plans, but its precise predictions in the past may lend some credibility to its current predictions.

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Nintendo launched its new Switch OLED model last year, offering a larger seven-inch OLED display and other features, such as improved sound, a new docking station, and a large adjustable stand.

But after its release, it had no support for the full 4K resolution or upgraded hardware that was widely reported in the media, disappointing avid Switch gamers. Even though the OLED Switch had similar hardware to the Switch 2019, its dock allows native 4K 60fps video output. However, the OLED Switch’s Tegra X1 System on a Chip (SoC) couldn’t achieve native 4K gaming without Nvidia’s supercomputers.

The respected Bloomberg store had claimed that Nintendo had provided software toolkits that supported 4K graphics to at least 11 game companies. Nintendo has denied the allegations, Video Games Chronicle reported.

Tegra SoC based on Nvidia Orin to power the next Nintendo console

For the Nintendo 2024 console, fans expect 4K support to be an integral part of the system given that it can launch a new generation of gaming units, not just an extension or enhancement to the platform. Switch hardware current. has suggested that the so-called next 4K Switch will run on the new, eight-nanometer Orin-based Tegra System on a Chip (SoC) in the chip company’s DRIVE autonomous vehicle system.

Nintendo has been investing in machine learning and deep learning research and development since 2019, which is at the heart of Nvidia’s next-gen Tegra and RTX platforms.

It is also rumored that the upcoming Switch console will use Super Deep Sampling (DLSS) to improve resolution and improve frame rates. Nvidia has made DLSS available in the ARM-based chips that run the Nintendo Switch.

While these claims are only speculative, what has been explicitly confirmed by Nintendo officials is that there is indeed a new console in the works to succeed the Switch. No official timeline or release date has been disclosed or, where applicable, remained vague. Nintendo executives have said that the current Switch is in the middle phase of its lifecycle, further hinting that it should be replaced with a new console at some point in the future.

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