Park City Council Considering Approval of Summer Programming at Arts and Culture District Site

The park city council explored potential summer programming options at the proposed arts and culture district site at last week’s meeting. The board was in favor of planning events at the site and will consider approving the project at its next meeting.

The five-acre site at the corner of Kearns Boulevard and Bonanza Drive has been recently prepared and old buildings have been demolished in anticipation of the proposed arts and culture district. In the meantime, Park City City Council will seek to approve a summer programming plan at the site while the final details of the neighborhood are discussed.

Park City Mayor Andy Beerman told KPCW that the lineup, which will be subject to approval at the next council meeting, will be low impact and similar to what can be found on Main Street on Sunday throughout. throughout the summer and fall. The programming budget should be around $ 150,000.

“We talked about trying to do food trucks there, low-key music, public art, activities for the kids,” Beerman said. “It’s a great location in the city center and now that it’s stabilized we feel like this could be a park and a gathering place and maybe start to let us re-imagine the community gathering place. , we hope it will be if we move forward with the arts and culture district. We’re going to play, it’s going to be mostly low-key like the activation you see on Main Street on car-free Sundays, but we’re hoping to have something in place by August.

Councilor Steve Joyce cautioned against thinking too long about options at last week’s council meeting and said if they waited longer to start, the public wouldn’t get much for it. their investment.

“I’m a little worried,” Joyce said. “I like the concept here and I’m just wondering, here we are, it’s almost the end of June, we still haven’t made a decision. I have no idea how much it would take to really make it safe, prepared, take out all the building stuff that we heard, scrape it down so it’s flat, all that sort of thing, out of place fencing. Are we then, you know, August 30th and like, “Well, that was fun!” And a bit missing all summer?

If approved, programming on the site is expected to run through October.

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