Pawsey’s latest supercomputer goes live – Hardware

Setonix at the Pawsey Center

The Pawsey Center

The Pawsey Supercomputing Center has brought the first 500 nodes of its new Setonix high-performance computing (HPC) environment online.

Setonix is ​​an HPE Cray EX model, with 500 AMD EPYC Milan processor nodes carrying a total of 65,000 CPU cores and with 256 GB of memory per node.

There are also eight 1TB high-memory processor nodes, eight “data transfer” nodes, and 16 virtualization nodes, connected by HPE’s 100 Gbps Slingshot Interconnect.

The 500 nodes represent the first phase of the HPC deployment.

Setonix offers twice the computing power of its predecessor Magnus, which went live eight years ago.

It also provides a tenfold upgrade to Pawsey’s network, the organization said in a statement.

Setonix will use the Acacia object storage system, which Pawsey says will allow researchers to move data more quickly between long-term storage and the HPC environment.

The center is now decommissioning Magnus and the 2017-era Zeus. Once these are removed, Pawsey will have space for Setonix Phase 2, currently shipping to Australia.

When he first announced Setonix, Pawsey said the HPC would support 1,600 seekers and be “30 times more powerful than existing systems from Pawsey, Magnus, and Galaxy.”

Setonix user training is ongoing.

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