Players Circle Performing Arts Center announces Jewish-themed programming partnership

Shell Factory’s Players Circle Performing Arts Center announces partnership with Lee County and Charlotte County Jewish Federation and YIa ?? I ?? Jewish (a division of the Yiddishkayt Initiative) with a series of Jewish themes at PLAYERS CIRCLE I started programming.

The first production of this exciting partnership is JOE PAPP AT THE BALLROOM, which will perform three times on Friday June 25 at 8 p.m. EST and Saturday June 26 at 2 and 7 p.m. EST. Tickets from $ 25 to $ 35. The concert version of the piece with all the dialogue from Joe Pap Avi Hoffman and Susan Pap-Lippmann. Original arrangement by Stanley Silverman, musical direction by Phil Hinton and starring Hoffman.

Legendary theater producer Joe Pap was born in Brooklyn, New York, to parents of Jewish immigrants under the name Josul Papilovsky. He went on to become the visionary founder of Shakespeare in the Park. Public Theater in New York. The original productions of HAIR and A CHORUS LINE on Broadway are performed in thousands of shows. He has given only one public concert in his illustrious career, where he has spoken about the education of Brooklyn Yiddish, the controversial political struggle and the revolutionary creative process. This concert sums up the glorious life of the greatest icon of American theater of the 20th century.

In this musical performance, he is a world famous actor, CEO of Yiddishhayt Initiative, and Avi Hoffman. This unique Joe Pap ballroom concert in 1978 is adapted and recreated. Hoffman has worked in theaters nationwide and around the world, including working with the producers of PLAYERS CIRCLE. Carry Lund and Robert Cassioppo, who founded and managed FLORIDA REP for 20 years. Hoffman first gained national attention over 25 years ago on his award-winning show Avi Hoffman .. “Too Jewish? Aired nationwide on Off-Broadway and reached millions of viewers. Avi recently received a parliamentary award and was invited to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis and be inducted into the Bronx Jewish Hall of Fame. Yiddishkayt Initiative, Inc. A lifelong work raising awareness of Jewish culture, Yiddish and the Holocaust through (Ia ?? i ?? Roman of the Death of a Salesman.

“I am delighted with this partnership between Avi and YI a ?? I ?? JEWISH. Players Circle features everything from theater and classical music, burlesque, Broadway reviews, country music and comedy. Discussed his specific Jewish thematic program to be unveiled on Florida’s east coast. Inviting his work to the Players Circle, JOE PAPP AT THE BALLROOM became the premier show. Tell Carry Lund, Founder and Producer of Players Circle. “More exciting is the additional partnership with the Jewish Federation in Lee County and Charlotte County. They helped us promote the event and were very excited about the entertainment potential of the Southwest Florida Jewish community going forward. I have.”

“The Jewish Federation is always excited about the opportunity to work with the local arts and culture community. This partnership with Players Circle is fully in line with the bill and joins the JOE PAPP AT THE BALLROOM community. I recommend “Issacs.” I always love working with Bob and Carrie. This opportunity to partner with the Players Circle and the Jewish Federation sends an important message about the beauty and depth of Jewish culture to a new audience. It helps. “Avi Hoffmann ..

For tickets please call the box office at 239-800-3292 or order online at Shell Factory’s Players Circle Performing Arts Center is located on North Cleveland Avenue 16554 in Fort Myers, 33903, Florida.

Players Circle Performing Arts Center announces Jewish-themed programming partnership

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