Purchase model: need a new computer for programming for work

Laptop or desktop?

My budget for the new computer is:

What are the main uses of this computer (IE: mail, web browsing, programming, games, etc.)?

=> Programming and web browsing

What software do you plan to use on the computer?

=> pycharm, android studio, jupyter notebook, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm and neural networks running.

Do you play games? If so, what type of games?

=> No.

Do you tend to have a lot of programs running at the same time, or do you close each program when you are done using it?

=> Yes. I use at least 20-30 tabs in Google Chrome to learn sth.
Do you store a lot of pictures or music on the computer?

=> No for that I will buy a hard drive. It is not my priority.

Are you going to overclock?

=> I have no idea. So maybe not.

Location for online shopping / shipping / pricing?

=> I am located in Kathmandu, Nepal

How many monitors do you plan to use?

=> 1. But I have 1 LCD monitor so I may need to use it later in my programming journey. I’m not sure about this tho.

Do you need peripherals? OS?

=> I already have peripherals. I can handle the operating system one way or another.

Any particular reason you’re upgrading?

=> Pycharm keeps restarting on my current laptop. Disk usage frequently reaches 100% on my current laptop. That is why.

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