Qubit Pharmaceuticals Raises €16 Million in Funding

Pharmaceutical Qubita quantum physics-based drug discovery company based in Paris, France and Boston, MA, has raised €16 million in funding.

Backers included XAnge, Omnes, Quantonation and Mr. Octave Klaba.

The company intends to use the funds to strengthen:

  • its teams, which should quickly reach 60 people spread between Paris and Boston,
  • its proprietary Atlas software platform, capable of leveraging the computing power of supercomputers and quantum computers to accelerate the development of more effective and safer drug candidates, and
  • its pipeline of drug candidates to 10 internal research programs in oncology and inflammation while concluding agreements with research centers and biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate the development of their portfolios.

Led by CEO Robert Marino and Chief Scientific Officer Jean Philip Piquemal, Qubit Pharmaceuticals is co-developing effective new drugs with pharmaceutical and biotech companies through a software platform that leverages existing and emerging supercomputers to model the effects quantum at the microscopic level with maximum precision.

Qubit Pharmaceuticals very precisely models and simulates the interactions between molecules. By creating true digital twins of physical molecules, Atlas performs calculations in a few hours that would take several years by conventional means, an acceleration of a factor of 100,000. Thus, it is no longer necessary to synthesize drug candidates developed in chemistry or using artificial intelligence algorithms to validate their effectiveness: Atlas allows the modeling of molecules, their description and therefore the prediction of their action. This technology enables Qubit Pharmaceuticals to solve 3 key issues in drug development: the quality of predictions, the interpretability of results, and the speed of simulations, resulting in an improved and accelerated portfolio of therapeutic products.

Thanks to Atlas, Qubit Pharmaceuticals teams discovered new drug candidates for Covid in less than 6 months and initiated several research programs in the field of cancer and inflammation.

Qubit Pharmaceuticals has already established long-term partnerships with players developing high-performance computing infrastructures such as Nvidia, GENCI and AWS, and quantum computing, including the French Pasqal and the University of Sherbrooke (Canada).

The multidisciplinary team and the founders of the company are based in France at the Paris Santé Cochin incubator and in the United States in Boston.



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