Radio 2021 – an eventful year: the last departure testers of the programmers

Australian Radio 2021 – both commercial stations and ABC – saw a number of high-profile departures during the year.

The most recent came on Christmas Eve when ARN revealed that its Mix 102.3 breakfast show in Adelaide would continue without its star attraction – Mark “Soda” Soderstrom. It has been part of the breakfast at the station since 2014.

When Triple M Sydney fell Moon man from its recent breakfast show, the company quickly removed all digital evidence of its presence at the station and at the brand in the shortest possible time.

Given the timing of Soda’s departure, ARN has yet to be able to remove his name from the company’s websites.

Soderstrom and its co-host Mix Erin phillips (photo above) only started working together on air this year. Although they are believed to have been a successful match, there has been friction between some members of the RNA team. So much so that the couple stepped away from the breakfast show earlier in the year until ARN was able to sort it out and get them back.

When ARN unveils the new breakfast duo, it will be able to keep the current tagline – “Adelaide’s New Way to Wake Up.”

Speculation in Adelaide is that ABC Adelaide’s breakfast host may be leaving Ali clarke could make a triumphant return to the station where she became an Adelaide radio star. Within the framework of Kym, Ali and Dzelde (with Kym dillon and Chris Dzelde), the trio ran Adelaide FM Airways for several years starting in 2003 before leaving the station in 2007 after being poached by Austereo for Triple M. The trio had to serve a non-compete period and ultimately pleased Triple M the following year.

Former ABC host Adelaide Ali Clarke

Kym, Ali and Dzelde never recreated the business success of their new home and they disbanded in 2010. Clarke went on to be part of another Triple M breakfast team before being dropped before her several-year contract ended. late.

Clarke then signed with ABC Adelaide and hosted their industry leading breakfast radio show. She announced her departure earlier this month.

Earlier this year Media week spoke with Phillips and Soderstrom in a Media week Podcast. During the interviews, Soderstrom spoke about the morning meditation sessions he had before arriving at the studio. Perhaps it was in a moment of clarity during one of those he took at the end of the year about his future.

Regarding his choice to leave, Mark Soderstrom said last week: “I made the difficult decision to finish at Mix after eight excellent years.

“It has been a tremendous privilege to be invited into the cars, homes and workplaces of the fantastic listeners and friends of the station who will be dearly missed.

“I have been fortunate to have met some brilliant and inspiring people along the way and it is these relationships that I will cherish the most during my time at Mix.”

Erin and Soda

Erin and Soda work together for Seven covering the AFL in Adelaide

Soderstrom has many other media functions to keep him busy. He features the sport on Seven odds by winning Seven News Adelaide and he also covers the AFL for Seven in the home games of Adelaide Crowes and Port Adelaide in the capital of South Australia.

Faced with the need to put together another breakfast team, ARN’s content manager Duncan Campbell said, “Soda has made an incredible contribution to Mix 102.3. I would like to thank him for his valuable contribution which has made Mix 102.3 so successful in the competitive Adelaide market. He leaves with our best wishes.

ARN noted that Soda co-host Erin Phillips will remain on Mix 102.3’s breakfast team and that ARN will make an announcement on the new breakfast show for 2022 “soon.”

The first radio audience survey for 2022 begins in less than three weeks.

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