Rankings: UW School of Nursing’s undergraduate program tied for second in the country

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September 15, 2021

The University of Washington’s School of Nursing is tied for second in the country for its undergraduate programs, according to a new ranking from US News & World Report.

UW’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program shared second place with Duke University, behind the top university in Pennsylvania. The rankings for undergraduate nursing programs are new this year and are based on the grades of the deans and senior professors of the programs that offer the baccalaureate in nursing.

“This is a huge achievement,” said Azita Emami, executive dean of the UW School of Nursing. “I am grateful for the dedication of our faculty, students and staff. The decision to include nursing in undergraduate rankings for the first time reflects the urgent call for more nurses and the need for more quality nursing programs in this country, and I am proud of the role of the UW School of Nursing to answer this call.

The magazine also ranked undergraduate programs in computer science, engineering, and business, with many UW computer science departments and fields of study ranking in the top 10, including No. 10 in the overall, the country’s fourth in mobile / web applications, fifth in data analytics and eighth in artificial intelligence.

According to the magazine, these rankings of US News & World Report undergraduate programs are based solely on surveys of heads of institutions across the country.

Here is a list of UW’s undergraduate departments and units that ranked in the top 30:

Feeding with milk

Overall – tied for 2nd


Overall – tied for 10th

Artificial intelligence – 8th

Bioinformatics / bioinformatics / biotechnology – 13th

Computer Systems – 10th

Cybersecurity – tied for 13th

Data Analysis – 5th

Mobile / web applications – 4th

Programming languages ​​- tied for 7th

Software engineering – tied for 12th

Theory – tied for 13th

Engineering (at institutions offering doctoral degrees)

Overall – tied for 21st

Aerospace / aeronautics / astronautics – 22nd

Bioengineering / Biomedical – tied for 19th

Civil Engineering – 18th

Computer Engineering – Tied 13th

Electrical engineering – tied for 26th


Overall – tied for 19th

Accounting – tied for 16th

Finances – tied for 22nd

International trade – tied for 20th

Management – tied for 23rd

Marketing – tied for 25th

Business entrepreneurship – 27th

More information on the US News & World Report rankings can be found here.

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