Raspberry Pi Qwiic pHAT for STEMMA QT programming

SparkFun’s development team and engineers have created a second-generation Qwiic pHAT for STEMMA QT Raspberry Pi programming, delivering an affordable entry-level board into SparkFun’s Qwiic or STEMMA QT ecosystems. The Qwiic pHAT connects to the I2C bus (GND, 3.3V, SDA and SCL) of your Raspberry Pi mini PC to a set of Qwiic / QT connectors on the HAT and since this system allows you to daisy-chain cards with different addresses, you can connect as many sensors as you want depending on your project application.

“The Qwiic pHAT v2.0 has four Qwiic connection ports (two on the side and two vertical), all on the same I2C bus. SparkFun also made sure to add a simple 5V screw terminal to power boards that may require more than 3.3V and a general purpose button (with the ability to shut down the Pi with a script). Also updated, the mounting holes found on the board are now spaced to fit the typical STEMMA QT / Qwiic board dimension of 1.0 “x 1.0”. This HAT is compatible with any Raspberry Pi that uses the standard 2 × 20 GPIO header as well as the NVIDIA Jetson Nano and Google Coral.

For more information on the Raspberry Pi Qwiic pHAT 2.0 for Qwiic or STEMMA QT programming, visit the official Adafruit online store where the small Pi expansion board is now available for purchase at a price of 7, $ 95.

Source: Adafruit

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