Reclaiming our Indian Republic from RSS and BJP, saving the Constitution are the biggest challenges of today

These groups were heavily inspired by Mussolini’s fascist party and Hitler’s Nazi party, as their leaders praised these formations on several occasions. As the whole country united in a decisive struggle against colonialism, the RSS and Mahasabha tried to create a wedge between different groups in the country in the name of religion. The hatred they spread around the score ultimately cost Gandhiji his life.

It is ironic that the RSS, which never participated in the struggle for freedom, and its affiliate, the BJP, are now distributing certificates of patriotism. The RSS fight was against minorities, Dalits and rationalists in the country. Using the power of the Center, the RSS and its affiliates spread hatred, disinformation, lies against Muslims, Dalits, Rationalists and all popular movements by dubbing them traitors, anti-nationals, Naxals. urban, etc.

India today faces a great challenge and a great threat from right-wing fascist forces. RSS, with its multiple “shadow armies”, is the spearhead of its sinister conception to redefine our nation and our national identity. It is a huge irony that RSS, as a non-authoritative organization, has assumed the right to represent the Hindu community as a whole and the right to certify who is a nationalist and who is a patriot.

This is the greatest challenge for the Republic of India. The BJP being the political wing of the RSS took power in the Center. It gave them the opportunity to pervert the Constitution. Dr Ambedkar stressed that “it is perfectly possible to pervert the Constitution, without changing its form, by simply changing the form of administration and making it inconsistent and opposed to the spirit of the Constitution”.

History demands that the Communists, Ambedkarites and Gandhians rise to the challenge of saving the Republic and the Constitution.

(The writer is general secretary of the Communist Party of India)

(IPA Service)

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