Safety City struggles to maintain programming

She says Safety City’s funding in the past has come from grants, donations and sponsorships, but businesses and donors are no longer able to give as they used to.

St. Pierre and Dawn Rigetti are Injury Prevention Instructors at Safety City. They have taken on more administrative responsibilities lately, trying to secure funding and rebuild relationships with old sponsors and donors and find new ones.

All operations were shut down last month for two weeks, and St. Pierre and Rigetti are only in the office three days a week, affecting scheduling.

“In the future we obviously want to be back here full time. However, that can’t happen until we get funding for everything,” says St. Pierre.

The Bully Proofing program which runs from February to April has been suspended, and others like Country Caution and Ready to Ride will soon be reassessed.

“It was not an easy decision for us to put everything on hold, but we want teachers and students in our communities to know that we are working very hard to establish funding in the future, it’s just going to take us a little bit of time. time. time.”

You can contact Safety City directly for more information on partnerships, sponsorship programs or donations.

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