Sangh, BJP had helped, say friends of RSS worker who died from Covid-19


Amit Jaiswal’s sister and brother-in-law initially claimed they had not received any help.

New Delhi: Friends and close associates of Amit Jaiswal, an RSS worker who succumbed to Covid-19 last month at a private hospital in Mathura, say the RSS and BJP have provided all the help he and his family needed needed during their treatment for Covid-19.

Previously, Amit Jaiswal’s sister and brother-in-law told a news agency that they received no help from the government or state administration despite sending a series of tweets. and SOS messages to higher state and central authorities. Amit Jaiswal’s brother-in-law also alleged that he tore up posters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi whom Amit Jaiswal adored and followed for a very long time. Later, the brother-in-law reconsidered his request.

Friends of Amit Jaiswal, who include his close associates at RSS Sakha in Agra, reached out to The Sunday Guardian to provide full details of the help and assistance that was provided to Amit Jaiswal during his stay and treatment. at Mathura hospital.

Vikas Saraswat, a close friend of Amit Jaiswal who had known him for 10 years and who had both been associated with RSS for a very long time, told the Sunday Guardian that the account played by a section of the media about Amit Jaiswal not receiving any help from RSS or BJP for his SOS appeals regarding his Covid-19 treatment is “bogus” and “baseless”. He said these two organizations provided him with all the necessary help he needed at the time.

“The call for the Remdisivir injection that was needed for Amit Jaiswal’s treatment at Mathura Hospital was organized by our colleague Swayam Sevaks from Agra. Even when Amit Jaiswal was put on a ventilator and required plasma therapy, this was also arranged by the son of a local BJP leader, Krishna Kumar Sharma. The RSS agents in Mathura and Agra had been in constant contact with his family since we learned of his hospitalization, ”said Vikas Saraswat.

Amit Jaiswal was admitted to Niyati Medicity Hospital in Mathura and his close friends claim he decided to travel from Agra to Mathura on his own as he believed the oxygen situation in Mathura would be much better than that of Agra due to Mathura owning an oil refinery and the government ordered all industries to supply hospitals with oxygen.

Amit Jaiswal, 41, and his mother both infected with Covid 19 were admitted to this hospital on the night of April 22 and 23 and after a hard battle, Amit Jaiswal died on April 29, while his mother succumbed to the deadly virus on May 9.

Vikas also alleged that the Remdisivir injection call that was made on Amit Jaiswal’s Facebook and Twitter account was made by her sister and that since they (the RSS agents and her close friends) had Knowing this need, they took action to make the injection available to him.

Vikas also said that two Remdivisir injection vials were arranged by his longtime close friend and a Swayam Sevak Udit, while the other Remdisivir injection doses were arranged by a BJP MP from Fatehpur Sikri, Raj Kumar Chahar. “Raj Kumar Chahar had written several letters to the concerned authorities, after which four more injection vials of Remdisivir were arranged for him. The copy of the letters is still there with the district magistrate’s office, ”Vikas added.

Friends of Amit Jaiswal also told the Sunday Guardian that local RSS volunteers from Mathura had also been put into action to monitor Amit Jaiswal’s health around the clock and in case of emergency, to report to higher authorities. RSS and to amplify the message.

Another close associate and friend of Amit Jaiswal, Rahul, also told the Sunday Guardian that even he and his friends in the RSS and Ram Janambhoomi Teerth Shetra Trust, of which Rahul is also a part, provided all the help Amit Jaiswal needed. during these most difficult times.

Rahul said: “As soon as I learned that Amit Jaiswal needed an injection of Remdisivir, I informed all my contacts to arrange the doses for him. I had also spoken to Ram Janambhoomi General Secretary Teerth Shetra Trust Sampad Raiji and it was almost settled, but Amit Jaiswal’s brother-in-law, in the meantime, had arranged through Fatehpur MP Sikri . Even for the plasma, we had already spoken to the CMO at Mathura Hospital and this was arranged.

The Sunday Guardian reached out to Amit Jaiswal’s sister and brother-in-law to get their side of the story, but both declined to speak to the media about it. They said, “Please don’t disturb us. We don’t want to talk about this problem. “

However, a video surfaced on Saturday in which a man, allegedly Rajandra Alagh, Amit Jaiswal’s brother-in-law, is seen saying: “After the death of our brother and mother, a media channel brought us down. approached and we were in mourning and angry at the time. since we lost two members of our family. The media organization misinterpreted us, misquoted us and politicized the issue. The anger was against the hospital for not treating our brother and mother well. The RSS and BJP workers supported us at all times and helped us in any way they could. I would ask everyone to stop politicizing this issue. “


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