Snelius, National Supercomputer – Context


If all goes according to plan, the plug will be removed from Cartesius on September 1. That’s it High performance computingThe system has been a trusted IT service for over eight years as the Netherlands National Supercomputer. As such, scientists can rely on Cartesius for the complex calculations required for their research. From September 1, they can go to the national supercomputer for this, but this title will carry a completely different system. The system is called Snelius and is manufactured by Lenovo for SURF.

Snellius takes its name from Willebrodd Snell van Roen, a prominent mathematician who lived from 1580 to 1626. Like many scientists of the time, he was comfortable in other fields of research, including surveying, navigation. , hydrography and astronomy. It has gained great popularity in the field of optics, nicknamed Snell’s Law, the Latin name, which refers to how light rays differ in the transition from one medium to another. In France, they speak of Descartes’ law, which describes the law of refraction independently of Snelius. Descartes’ Latin name is Cartesius, the name of the ancient national supercomputer. All this is free from the choice of the name Snelius; He was chosen in part because of his connection to “Fast”.


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